Good News Headlines 2/2/2021


Bernie Sanders Raises $1.8 Million for Charity With Inauguration Meme-Inspired Merchandise

by The Associated Press

About those wooly mittens that U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders wore to the presidential inauguration, sparking endless quirky memes across social media? They’ve helped to raise $1.8 million in the last five days for charitable organizations in Sanders’ home state of Vermont, the independent senator announced Wednesday… Read More


Smokin’ Hope: Jonathan Jones taught himself to barbecue and is now feeding his community

by Terri Peters, Today

When he looks at the needs in his Phoenix, Arizona community, Jonathan Jones is sure of one thing: He may not be able to feed everyone, but he’ll do what he can to fight against food insecurity… Read More


Gumdrop is the 1st pit bull adopted in Denver since repeal of 30-year ban

by Jen Reeder, Today

A 3-year-old pit bull named Gumdrop ended 2020 as a stray on the streets of Denver. But he started 2021 by making history as the first pit bull legally adopted since voters repealed a ban on the breed that had stood for over 30 years… Read More


25 Opportunities to Save the Planet After COVID-19

by Douglas Broom, World Economic Forum

The pandemic has shown us the importance of being prepared when crises hit. It has also shown us that postponing bold decisions can have huge costs… Read More


Native American Agriculture Fund Is Helping Empower Farmers

by Foodtank

A new agriculture fund is providing grants not only to support the success of Native American food producers like farmers, ranchers, and fishers, but to also support Tribal nations and communities in their efforts to revitalize ancient food systems throughout the United States… Read More


Food Empowerment Project Employs Education to Help Consumers Make Ethical Food Choices

by Gabby Lozano, Foodtank

he Food Empowerment Project (FEP), a nonprofit food justice organization, is using education, community work, and advocacy to build a more equitable food system. The organization intends to accomplish this core value by promoting… Read More


Philadelphia Spreads Opportunity to All Corners of City

by Jay Walljasper, On The Commons

For decades the “Philadelphia Story” was about steady economic decline. That story is being rewritten today as many Americans rediscover the advantages of cities—inviting public spaces, rich cultural diversity and a creative environment that fertilizes start-ups and attracts talent…Read More


Snowy Owl Spotted in New York’s Central Park For the First Time in 130 Years

by MSN

Some New Yorkers were treated to an extremely rare sight in Central Park on Wednesday, that experts say has not been seen in over a century: A Snowy Owl. Experts say this specific breed of owl has not been spotted in the park since 1890 – and this will be the first time there is photographic evidence of its visit… Read More


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