Good News Headlines 3/24/21

Aerial View Of A Secluded Black Sand Beach In Hawaii

Aerial View Of A Secluded Black Sand Beach In Hawaii

Hawaii Moves to Ban More Reef-Harming Sunscreens

by Olivia Rosane

Hawaii is poised to ban more reef-damaging sunscreens that contain avobenzone and octocrylene, chemicals that also have adverse affects on marine life…. Read More

6-Year-Old Expertly Coaches His Little Brother Through a Tantrum-Ending Breathing Exercise

by Annie Reneau

This viral video taken by California mom, Ashley West, shows her son Noah (6) talking to his brother Cory (4), who was on the verge of throwing a fit….Read More

Philadelphia to Dim City Lights to Help Migratory Birds

by Emily Denny

A coalition of organizations are teaming up to form Lights Out Philly — a voluntary program aimed at preventing bird building collisions during spring and fall migrations….Read More

Electric Semi Trucks Are Actually Cheaper Per Mile Than Diesel Trucks, Report Finds

by Climate Nexus

Heavy duty electric trucks (semis) cost so much less to operate per mile than diesel-powered trucks – at today’s prices – that they would pay for themselves in just three years, according to researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UCLA, and UC-Berkeley….Read More