Good News Headlines 3/26/19

"In short, the Good Food Purchasing Program helps build the local, sustainable, thriving food culture that we know we need—for the sake of our planet and for the health of generations to come," said Corporate Accountability's Alexa Kaczmarski.


Boston City Council Passes Groundbreaking Food Justice Ordinance

by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams

Food justice advocates heaped praise on Boston Monday after the city’s legislative body unanimously passed an ordinance that boosts the local economy and environment as well as workers, animal welfare, and healthful eating… Read More



Dancer Ellice Patterson And Her Company Combat Ableism With Beauty

by Arielle Gray, WBUR

In the U.S., 54 million people live with a visible or invisible disability. More than 13 percent of Black Americans and 18 percent of Native Americans reported living with a disability in 2017. However, Patterson points out that a lot of the disability work being done centers white people living with disabilities… Read More



Meet The ARTery 25 — Millennials Of Color Impacting Boston Arts And Culture

from WBUR

In Boston, there’s a palpable surge of new artistic energy. A daring cohort of young creatives is molding the city’s cultural ecosystem in promising ways… Read More



Karen Uhlenbeck Is The First Woman To Win Math’s Top Prize

by Meilan Solly, 

Modeled on the Nobel Prizes and given out by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, the Abel Prize is awarded annually to mathematicians whose contributions to the field are of “extraordinary depth and influence.” The prize carries a cash award of six million Norwegian kroner, or roughly $700,000… Read More



Maryland May Be The First State To Ban Styrofoam Cups, Containers & Packaging

by Michelle Santiago Cortés, Refinery29

According to CNBC, the State House of Delegates passed a bill last week that would ban polystyrene foam food containers and could slam a hefty $250 fine on offending retailers… Read More



Researchers Discover Pollution-Eating Bacteria

by Rechelle Ann Fuertes, Edgy

In a surprising discovery, researchers came across a form of pollution-eating bacteria in the hot geysers of Yellowstone National Park… Read More



Advocacy Of Stunning Lands Pays Off: New Zealand Approves Largest National Park Expansion In History

by Kayla Hickman, Good News Network

The borders of this beautiful New Zealand park have been expanded by 158,000 acres (64,000 hectares), making it the largest addition of land to a national park in the nation’s history… Read More



A Disabled Puppy Is Training For A Special Task Thanks To A Veteran Paying It Forward

by Steve Hartman, CBS News

It takes real tenacity to make it on the U.S. women’s sled hockey team. But what sets Retired Army Sgt. Christy Gardner apart, and what brought us to Lewiston, Maine, isn’t her doggedness. It’s her dog… Read More



Interfaith Shabbat Brings Jews, Muslims Together

by Peter Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Around 7:30 Friday night at Temple Sinai in Squirrel Hill, a visitor standing in the hallway could hear the braided sounds of a Muslim imam chanting Arabic prayer in one room and Jewish clergy leading Shabbat worship songs in the nearby sanctuary to guitar accompaniment… Read More



The Heart-warming Tale Of The 8-year-old Chess Champion Is Quintessentially American

by Garry Kasparov, Washington Post

The victory of 8-year-old Tanitoluwa Adewumi in the New York State K-3 championship this month has received more attention than any chess story in a long time… Read More



Only 13 States Offer Medically Accurate Sex Education. Here’s How To Fill In The Gaps

by Ivy Brashear, YES! Magazine

The Sexy Sex Ed initiative helps rural young people feel more comfortable discussing their bodies, sex, and reproductive health to empower them to advocate for themselves… Read More


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