Good News Headlines 3/29/2023

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Is The Western Drought Finally Ending? That Depends On Where You Look

by Dan McEvoy, The Conversation

After three years of extreme drought, the Western U.S. is finally getting a break. Mountain ranges are covered in deep snow, and water reservoirs in many areas are filling up following a series of atmospheric rivers that brought record rain and snowfall to large parts of the region. Many people are looking at the snow and water levels and asking: Is the drought finally over? There is a lot of nuance to the answer. Where you are in the West and how you define “drought” make a difference. The winter of 2023 has made a big dent in improving the drought and potentially eliminating the water shortage problems of the last few summers.

Watch Heartwarming Reaction When Ukrainian Students Get Shocking News They Won Full College Scholarship In U.S.

by Joe O’Neill, Good News Network

Five students in war-torn Ukraine received the life-changing news that they will receive an all-expenses paid college education to study at a college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, thanks to the incredible generosity of philanthropist Sam Rose. The retired lawyer and real-estate developer provided $2 million for scholarships to Dickinson College that will pay all costs for these students, giving them a chance for a future they may not have dreamed possible. In addition to tuition for all four years, the Sam Rose ’58 International Scholarship will cover the costs of textbooks, dining and living expenses including support for travel, health insurance, and other basic needs through the academic year.

Environmental Justice Activists In Memphis Are Finally Turning The Tide

by Daja E. Henry, YES! Magazine

First, the butterflies disappeared. Then, the family dog died; and then the neighbors did, too. But Marquita Bradshaw’s biggest loss was probably her great-grandmother. Susie Hall died in 1995 after developing uterine and kidney cancers. She attributes her great-grandmother’s death, like many of those in their South Memphis neighborhood, to environmental injustice. Bradshaw grew up within walking distance of the Defense Distribution Depot Memphis Tennessee, an Army surplus site that was active between 1942 and 1989. At the site, the Department of Defense dumped hazardous waste, including German mustard gas bombs, blistering chemical agents, and medical waste.

Gov. Whitmer Signs Historic Workers Rights Bills Into Law In Michigan

by Julia Conley, Common Dreams

Workers’ rights advocates in Michigan applauded as Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a repeal of the state’s so-called “right-to-work” law and restored the prevailing wage standard for state-funded construction projects. The new laws make Michigan the first state to roll back anti-union right-to-work laws, which bar unions from requiring that all workers in unionized jobs pay dues, in nearly six decades. “It feels great to be a Michigander today,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Any day that the corporate interests and lobbyists in Lansing fail is a day that deserves special recognition. It’s refreshing to see workers get the recognition and rights they deserve.”

Biden Administration Unveils Nation’s First Ocean Climate Action Plan

by Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch

The Biden administration unveiled a new plan to work with the ocean to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. President Joe Biden announced the publication of the first Ocean Climate Action Plan in U.S. history at the White House Conservation in Action Summit, during which he also officially named two new national monuments and asked the Secretary of Commerce to consider a National Marine Sanctuary in the U.S. waters surrounding the Pacific Remote Islands. “We can reduce emissions by building offshore wind farms, better protect our coastal and fishing communities from worsening storms, changing fisheries and other impacts on climate change,” Biden said, as USA TODAY reported.