Good News Headlines 5/19/21

Japanese Diver Wrass Fish Youtube Screen Shot Great Big Story 696x40479-Year-old Diver and This Fish Have Been BFFs for Nearly 30 Years After He Nursed Her Back to Health

by Judy Cole

In a plotline straight out of Disney, an adorable aquatic denizen of Japan’s Tateyama Bay has captured one man’s heart in a friendship that’s lasted close to three decades. Read More


Forests the Size of France Regrown Since 2000, Study Suggests

by Helen Briggs

William Baldwin-Cantello of WWF said natural forest regeneration is often “cheaper, richer in carbon and better for biodiversity than actively planted forests”. But he said regeneration cannot be taken for granted. Read More


Residents Revolted Over A ‘Tent City’ In Their Neighborhood—Until They Saw How Well It Worked

by Annie Reneau

While struggling to deal with unruly, make-shift encampments that inevitably pop up in and around the city, officials decided to try a proactive, purposeful approach in providing safe tent shelters and helpful services for people experiencing homelessness. And the results speak for themselves. Read More


California Trial of Universal Basic Income Inspires More Cities to Follow Suit

by Robert R. Raymond

A few years ago, most Americans weren’t familiar with the term Universal Basic Income. But as the idea has grown in popularity, the idea of everybody in the country receiving a monthly check just for existing has begun to capture the public’s imagination – and has become a more normalized part of the political lexicon. Read More


Coronavirus and the Climate Crisis Are Making the Opera More Sustainable

by Tiffany Duong

Coronavirus and the climate crisis are inspiring change at some of the most traditional venues in the world: opera houses. Iconic venues around the world have taken advantage of pandemic shutdowns to boost already-existing sustainability efforts and to create new environmental awareness. Read More