Good News Headlines 6/16/2020

Soul Fire Farm Staff

Soul Fire Farm staff Kiani Conley-Wilson, left, and Naima Penniman, right, with garden recipient Moet Slaughter, centre, and her son. Photography courtesy of Soul Fire Farm.

Soul Fire Farm Helps The Marginalized Grow Their Own Food

by Lindsay Campbell, Modern Farmer

Through its initiative called Soul Fire in the City, the farm is helping more than 30 families, throughout Troy and the Albany area, to build and care for home gardens… Read More


A New Social Movement Is Helping Connect Those Who Need Help With Those Who Can Help

by Christopher Dawson, CNN

Shelly Tygielski came up with the idea that she named Pandemic of Love. The mindfulness teacher in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was looking for simple ways people in her community could take care of each other… Read More


Taking Up Hobbies Can Prevent–Or Reduce Symptoms Of–Depression By A Third

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

The effects were observed in both men and women, and were consistent in people who had depressive symptoms before the study period began and who developed it after… Read More


These Women Farm Sea Sponges in Zanzibar—Diversifying Income And Giving Fish A Break

by Andy Corbley, World At Large

In an area characterized by poverty, overexploitation of sea resources and high unemployment, women in Jambiani in southeast Zanzibar are beginning to farm sea sponges as a more reliable source of income… Read More


Movement Grows To Declare Racism A Public Health Emergency

by Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch

The movement is gaining momentum in response to the new coronavirus and weeks of racial justice protests, but builds on decades of evidence that racism harms the health of African Americans… Read More


Martin Folsom Graduates At Top Of His Class, Despite Being Homeless Most Of His Life

from ABC7

Martin Folsom and his mother have been in and out of homelessness since he was a kid, and throughout his four years in high school… Read More


Spending ‘30 Days Wild’ Has Lasting Benefits, Study Suggests

by Katie Dancey-Downs, The Daily Optimist

A new report suggests a daily nature challenge in the UK has a lasting impact on wellbeing and connection to nature… Read More


NASCAR’s Powerful Support For Racial Justice Shows That America May Finally Be Getting The Point

by Tod Perry, Good Magazine

NASCAR delivered a powerful display of support for social justice on Sunday during its pre-race routine at Atlanta Motor Speedway… Read More


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