Good News Headlines 6/23/2020

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A New National Park In Afghanistan Offers Hope For Wildlife And People

by Russell Mclendon, Treehugger

Bamyan Plateau Protected Area, which opened in late 2019, is reportedly only the fifth protected area in Afghanistan, but it’s the second-largest… Read More


Spectacular Starry Night Harlequin Toad Rediscovered After Being Lost To Science For 30 Years

by Aristos Georgiou, Newsweek

A critically endangered toad belonging to one of the most threatened groups of amphibians in the world has been documented by scientists for the first time in 30 years… Read More


A Startup Company In Uganda Is Recycling Plastics To Make Coronavirus Face Shields

by Lizzy Rosenberg, Green Matters

From recycling plastic and turning it into coronavirus shields, to providing jobs to those in need, this company is seriously slaying… Read More


Senate Passes Great American Outdoors Act In Order To Help Preserve Public Lands Across The Country

by Leslie Delasbour, Fox4

This bill brings two different pieces of legislation into one that creates a pot of money to help fund of billions of dollars worth of deferred maintenance in our national parks… Read More


Tiny Forests Are Springing Up All Around Europe, Inspired By Japan, to Help Restore Biodiversity

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Using the methods of Japan’s most famous botanist, European countries are beginning to dot their urban landscapes with tiny forests, as productive and biodiverse as any in wilderness areas, yet sometimes only as big as a tennis court… Read More


The Artist Who Created A ‘New Economy’ Built On Trust And Generosity

by Gavin Haines, Positive.News

Matthew Burrows wanted to help other artists ‘put food on the table’ during lockdown. He unwittingly created a new microeconomy… Read More


The Physiological Power Of Altruism

by James Hamblin, The Atlantic

People who volunteer lead longer, healthier lives. Some public-health experts believe the time has come for doctors to recommend it alongside diet and exercise… Read More


China Removes Pangolin Scales From Traditional Medicine List, Helping Protect World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

by Ben Westcott, CNN

The Chinese government has removed pangolin scales from its 2020 list of approved ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine, a move campaigners describe as a “critical step” towards saving the world’s most trafficked mammal… Read More


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