Good News Headlines 6/9/21

Photo: icedmocha/123rf

The Supreme Court Issues Ruling Affirming The Sovereignty Of American Indian Tribes

by Kirsten Carlson, The Conversation

This decision affirms the authority tribes have on tribal lands, and acknowledges the vital role that tribal governments play in keeping their communities safe.


7 Educational Nature Activities For Kids You Can Do At Home This Summer

by Linnea Harris, EcoWatch

It’s widely accepted that spending time in nature has unparalleled benefits for children; kids who play outdoors are happier, more attentive, and less anxious than those who spend more time indoors.


Environmental Nonprofit Acquires 1,000-acre Santa Barbara Ranch For Regenerative Agriculture Center

by Benjamin Purper, KCBX FM

Environmental nonprofit White Buffalo Land Trust acquired a 1,000-acre ranch in Santa Barbara that it will use to create a research and education center focused on regenerative agriculture, focusing on improving rather than simply sustaining, agricultural land.


Brave 7-Year-old Boy Swims An Hour To Rescue His Dad And Little Sister

by Judy Cole, Good News Network

In life and death situations, the instinct to save those we love can grant us near superhuman powers. On the eve of this past Memorial Day weekend, thanks to a small but mighty hero who rose to meet such a challenge, a father and little girl are alive to tell the tale.


Formerly Incarcerated People In West Virginia Find Community Support

by Amanda Page, Yes! Magazine

Amber Bjornsson says she had a “true heart change” while serving a two-year prison sentence for the years of fines and felonies she previously collected. As Bjornsson returned to life outside of incarceration, she started to see the full picture of the obstacles in front of her.