Good News Headlines 7/14/20

Fibonacci Blue

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Water Protectors Celebrate As Dakota Access Pipeline Ordered To Shut Down

by Breanna Draxler, YES! Magazine

The years-long resistance of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to prevent a pipeline on their sacred lands has prevailed… Read More


These Renewable Energy Companies Are Feeding Hungry Families

by Meg Wilcox, Food Tank

As U.S. food assistance programs grapple with overwhelming demand during the coronavirus pandemic, some in New England are finding support from unusual partners—renewable energy companies… Read More


A Forgotten Feature Of The Statue Of Liberty Is An Apt Symbol For How We Treat Our History

by Annie Reneau, Upworthy

Most people see the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of our welcoming immigrants and mistakenly assume that’s what she was meant to represent… Read More


Vermont Became The First State To Legally Require Composting

by Melissa Pandika, Mic

Residents, grocery stores, and other businesses must now compost their rinds, eggshells, coffee grounds and other uneaten food items under a law that went into effect July 1… Read More


Young Scientists Make Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaners from Yeast, Transforming Chemical Industry

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Solugen’s mission is to decarbonize the chemicals industry—and their secret weapon comes from nature’s own biology… Read More


After Leaving KKK, Man Inspires Compassion, Anti-Hate Mission

by Kiley Thomas, News Channel 9

He turned his life around when a Syrian refugee, who is now a dear friend, showed him compassion… Read More


World’s Rarest Gorillas Spotted With Babies In Nigeria’s Forest

by Aisha Salaudeen, CNN

The subspecies is critically endangered and at one point only about 300 were known to be alive within the mountainous area in Nigeria and Cameroon, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature… Read More


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