Good News Headlines 7/28/2021

Dance Parties

Photo: Ari Scott for Improv Everywhere

Unsuspecting Pedestrians Trigger A Dance Party By Standing On Decal That Says ‘Stand Here For Dance Party’

by Good News Network

What do you get when you surprise random people with an unexpected dance party on the streets of New York? Pure joy, community, and connection. The inspiring street performance group Improv Everywhere placed a decal on the pavement in a park that read, “stand here for dance party.”

Cities Reward Citizens For Shopping Local

by Sakshi Udavant, YES! Magazine

The reward system works like credit card cash-back points or frequent flier programs. The more you shop, the bigger the rewards you earn. This gamification setup encourages people to shop locally, support small businesses, and have fun in the process.

Realtor Transforms Abandoned Properties Into Tiny Home Villages That Give Permanent Housing To Chronic Homeless

by Good News Network

A realtor in Missouri is determined to make her hometown “a city where no one sleeps outside.” For nine years Linda Brown and her husband David organized a nightly drop-in shelter where homeless people in Springfield could eat, shower, do laundry, use a computer, and socialize but they wanted to do more.

Voters Prevail In Missouri: 275,000 To Gain Access To Health Care

by Jason Rosenbaum and Rachel Lippmann, NPR

Thursday, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that an additional 275,000 low-income individuals in the state are again eligible for publicly-funded health care. “As a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling, Missourians across the state will finally be able to realize the health and economic benefits of Medicaid expansion.”

‘The Running Of The Goats’: NYC Park Gets Rid Of Invasive And Poison Plants With 24 Goats Enjoying A Vacation

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Many organic landscapers use goats, as they are living weed whackers, immune to all sorts of natural poisons and seemingly unfazed by thorns. In Manhattan’s Riverside Park, two dozen goats have been unleashed upon untended and overgrown brush and weeds in order to avoid having to use chemicals, or spending thousands in labor costs.