Good News Headlines 8/11/2020


Highly detailed image of the NGC 2899 planetary nebula. ESO

Extreme ‘Space Butterfly’ Captured By ESO Telescope

by Melissa Breyer, Treehugger

One of the great wonders of being a human on Earth is gazing upward to the sky and pondering the heavens beyond… Read More


Satellites Find New Colonies Of Emperor Penguins

by Jonathan Amos, BBC News

It’s a welcome development given that this iconic species is likely to come under severe pressure this century as the White Continent warms… Read More


Apple And Its Suppliers Aim To Go 100% Carbon Neutral By 2030

by Victoria Sinla, Nature World News

A few weeks ago, Apple announced on its website that the company is already carbon neutral for corporate emissions globally but would still aim for a notch higher… Read More


89% Of People Think Happiness Can Be Controlled – And They Are Much Happier For It

from Good News Network

How far can the self-belief that you make your own happiness carry you, creating conditions for a self-fulfilling prophecy? A new study shows there is a happy correlation… Read More


High School Senior’s Tool To End Food Insecurity Wins National Competition

by Reena Advani, NPR

How might accurately predicting crop harvests help curb malnutrition? Lillian Kay Petersen, a 17-year old from Los Alamos, N.M., has created a tool that’s intended to do that… Read More


In The Middle Of A Pandemic, A Miracle Came To Father Greg Boyle And Homeboy Industries

by Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

Father Greg Boyle, the local saint of unconditional compassion, has been unceremoniously booted out of his office at Homeboy Industries and relegated to the parking lot… Read More


Human-Like “Organ Chips” Could Eliminate Animal Studies

by Teresa Carey, Freethink

Researchers have built a proxy for the human body by linking together “organ chips,” a technique that could speed up research on diseases and new treatments… Read More


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