Good News Headlines 8/18/2020

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Smog-Eating Mural Goes Up On Warsaw Wall

by Alex Webber, The First News

Warsaw has become one of 13 international cities to pioneer the use of “smog-eating” murals after an eco-friendly, hand-painted project utilizing innovative pro-environmental technology was unveiled a few days back… Read More


Black-Owned Alternative Community Market Wins Build Your Legacy Contest

by Katie Howell, Food Tank

Mary Blackford, founder of a community marketplace called Market 7, is the grand prize winner of the Build Your Legacy Contest and recipient of a US$150,000 grant… Read More


Once Left For Dead, The Aral Sea Is Now Brimming With Life Thanks To Global Collaboration

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Kissing the borders of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the North Aral Sea is experiencing an ecological resurgence following a long period of decline… Read More


11-Year-Old Nigerian Ballet Dancer Receives Scholarship After Viral Video

from Reuters/The Washington Post

Gracefully spinning among a group of dancers clad in pink, 11-year-old Anthony Mmesoma Madu stands out in black leggings, a white turtleneck and poise beyond his years…Read More


This Alabama Restaurant Doesn’t Charge Customers: ‘It’s a Calling For Us’

by Jake Maher, Newsweek

There’s a Southern restaurant in Alabama that has no prices on the menu. That’s because, at Drexell and Honeybee’s in Brewton, there’s no charge for the food… Read More


Kenya Is Undergoing An Elephant Baby Boom

by Jessica Stewart, My Modern Met

We recently had some good news about tigers thriving in India and now we can look to Africa for another animal comeback… Read More


Airport In NY To Be Renamed In Honor Of Frederick Douglass

from Good Black News

Rochester, New York‘s airport will be renamed to honor 19th-century abolitionist and freedom fighter Frederick Douglass, one of its most famous and influential residents… Read More


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