Good News Headlines 8/25/2020

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Wolverines Return To Mount Rainier National Park After 100‑Plus Years

by Mary Jo DiLonardo, Treehugger

A wolverine mother and her two offspring have been spotted at Mount Rainier National Park. It’s the first time in more than 100 years that researchers have identified a wolverine with kits in the Washington state national park… Read More


6-Year-Old Launches Non-Profit To Feed Homeless

by Jennifer Passmore,

Six-year-old Paris Williams has already made her dreams a reality and started her own foundation. Her dream was to feed the homeless… Read More


Tiny Elephant Shrew Species, Missing For 50 Years, Rediscovered

by Damian Carrington, The Guardian

The Somali sengi mates for life, can race around at 30km/h and sucks up ants with its trunk-like nose. But it had not been documented by researchers since 1968… Read More


Generous Americans Are Actually Giving More To Charities Through The Pandemic, Surveys Say

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

It looks like the frequency of charitable giving by individuals in the US is continuing—and even increasing—during the economic uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic… Read More


Yoga Improves Mental And Physical Health Among Patients With Atrial Fibrillation

by Chrissy Sexton,

Patients who engaged in yoga training reported fewer mental and physical symptoms that are associated with AFib, such as spikes in blood pressure and anxiety… Read More


Ida B. Wells Portrait To Go On Display August 24th In D.C.’s Union Station To Honor Suffragist Centennial

from Good Black News

A 1000-square-foot art installation depicting civil rights, anti-lynching and women’s rights advocate Ida B. Wells will go on display in Washington D.C.’s Union Station… Read More


Coronavirus Leads To Record Fall In Consumption Of Earth’s Resources

by Gavin Haines, Positive.News

Earth Overshoot Day – the day on which human consumption exceeds the amount nature can regenerate in a year – will arrive on 22 August this year, more than three weeks later than it did in 2019… Read More 


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