Good News Headlines 9/1/2020

Chef El Amin

Courtesy of Chef El-Amin

This Nonprofit Is Helping Hundreds Of NYC Restaurants Adjust During The Pandemic

by Simone Scully, Upworthy

Hot Bread Kitchen, a New York City-based nonprofit and incubator that has assisted more than 275 local businesses in the food industry, knew they needed to support their affiliated businesses in a new light to navigate the financial complexities of shifting business models and applying for loans… Read More

Woman Who Ate Only Chips And Pasta For 20 Years Finally Cured By Hypnotherapy

by James Rodger, MSN

Jenny Edgar, 32, would gag if she tried anything other than her bland diet of dry cereal, cheese and biscuits and her everyday dinner of pasta or chips… Read More


A Secret Hidden In Centuries-Old Mud Reveals A New Way To Save Polluted Rivers

by Paul Voosen, Science

It called into question expensive efforts to restore rivers by using heavy equipment to resculpt them into what practitioners believed had been their natural shapes… Read More


Teens Transform Liquor Store Into A Needed Food Market, Choosing The Best Way To Serve Chicago

by Judy Cole, Good News Network

In the wake of turbulent racial protests in America’s Midwest, a group of teenagers in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood were looking for a way to uplift their marginalized West Side community—and they found it… Read More


Man Returns From Safari And Finds New Purpose By Sending Thousands Of Books To Rural Kenyan Schools

from WJCL22 ABC

Inspired from his return, Austin started “Libraries for Kids International”, a Lowcountry nonprofit now collecting and donating books and other educational resources to rural schools in Africa… Read More


NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps To Become 1st Black Woman To Join International Space Station Crew

from Good Black News

The African-American aerospace engineer and astronaut will join the space administration’s first operational crewed flight for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft, in a mission to the ISS… Read More


Unemployed Line Cooks Are Now Gardening, Thanks To Kitchen Farming Project

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

The chef-owner of acclaimed restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns realized that if his staff couldn’t keep busy handling ingredients and preparing meals for guests, because of the coronavirus pandemic, they could at least spend their days learning how to grow food… Read More


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