Good News Headlines 9/29/2021

Merchant Protection From Pandemic Crisis Bankruptcy Risk Tiny Person Concept


No, Vaccinated People Are Not ‘Just As Likely’ To Spread The Coronavirus As Unvaccinated People

by Craig Spencer, The Atlantic

Vaccinated people are not as likely to spread the coronavirus as the unvaccinated. Even in the United States, where more than half of the population is fully vaccinated, the unvaccinated are responsible for the overwhelming majority of transmission.

Facebook Puts Instagram Kids On Hold Amid Criticism Of Planned App

by Eva Mathews and David Shepardson, Reuters

Instagram Kids had been touted as requiring parental permission to join, and was supposed to provide ad-free, age-appropriate content, but U.S. lawmakers and advocacy groups have urged the social media giant to drop its launch plans, citing safety concerns.

Students Protested To Reverse Their School District’s Ban On Authors Of Color. They Won.

by Chandni G, Upworthy

The Central York school board in southern Pennsylvania has decided to reverse its ban on books written by authors of color after its students held relentless demonstrations. The ban, which was extended to books and resources on anti-racism and critical race theory, was approved by the board last year.

‘Groundbreaking’ Win As Court Rules USFWS Can’t Ignore Climate Impacts On Joshua Tree

by Julia Conley, EcoWatch

A federal court in Los Angeles this week ruled that under former President Donald Trump, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service violated the law when it failed to list the Joshua tree as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act — a decision that the Biden administration has continued to defend.

This Chill Guy Just Saved A Sheep From A Barbed Wire Fence In The Coolest Way Imaginable

by Heather Wake, Upworthy

Heroes don’t always wear capes. Some sport a viking beard with a tank top. A video went viral on Twitter yesterday of a man who in my mind shall be called Sheep Thor. In the video, Sheep Thor steps out of his car after seeing a helpless lamb struggling to release itself from the death grip of a barbed wire fence.

Jane Goodall Enlists Fans To Help Plant A Trillion Trees Around The World By 2030

by Good News Network

World Renown primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall launched a grassroots movement this week, during the United Nations Climate Week to support their ecosystem restoration project the Trillion Tree campaign. Trees for Jane aims to stop deforestation and help replenish the world’s dwindling stock of trees and forests through community-based protection and reforestation programs.