Good News Headlines 9/7/2022

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Azure Homes

A Startup Is Using Recycled Plastic To 3D Print Tiny $25,000 Prefabricated Homes In LA

by  Andy Corbley, Good News Network

There’re 3D-printed homes, and there’re prefabricated homes. Take the best of both technologies, throw in a groundbreaking use for discarded plastic, and you have a genius idea. Born in Culver City, the startup Azure is mostly using recycled plastic water and drink bottles to create homes that are 90% complete by the time they leave the factory. By blending the manufacturing speed of 3D-printing with the assembly speed and modular possibilities given by prefabrication, Azure’s houses are a game changer for sustainability in the housing industry.

Unexpected Ukrainian Resistance Continues To Thwart Russia’s Initial Plans For Quick, Decisive Victories

by Liam Collins, The Conversation

As Ukrainian forces fight a late-summer counterattack to wrest the southern province of Kherson from Russian control, Russian President Vladimir Putin is learning a lesson that many political leaders have learned before: War is often much longer and costlier than anticipated. In the six months since Russia launched its assault on Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, Putin and his military leaders have faced unexpected resistance from Ukrainian forces. That’s been the case in the southern province of Kherson, where Ukrainian forces launched a counterattack on Aug. 28, 2022.

U.S. To Plug More Than 10,000 Abandoned Carbon-Emitting Oil And Gas Wells In 24 States

by  Andy Corbley, Good News Network

A new program under President Biden’s infrastructure bill is set to plug up more than 10,000 abandoned wells of oil and natural gas. Once sources of energy, these derelict wells now act merely as exhaust pipes that emit methane, increasing America’s emissions with no return or value of any kind. The Dept. of the Interior has identified just over 10,000 high priority wells on public lands. These are just a fraction of the over 100,000 total derelict wells that need to be dealt with, not only to reduce unnecessary emissions, but serious safety hazards as methane is not safe to breathe, and is also flammable.

Parent Participation In Climate Justice Efforts Is On The Rise

by Marlena Fontes, Truthout

Before NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus, a father of two, chained himself to a JP Morgan Chase bank in downtown Los Angeles, he gave a short speech. In it, he explained why, on that fine April day in 2022, he and 1,200 other scientists all over the Earth would risk arrest to protest Chase, the world’s biggest financier of climate-killing fossil fuels. (Citi and Bank of America are close behind.) Kalmus is one of thousands of parents worldwide organizing around a similar rallying cry: We love our children. We won’t let you wreck their world.

Indonesian Dolphins Released Into Open Seas After Years Of Resort Hotel Captivity

by Marco Margaritoff, HuffPost

Three bottlenose dolphins — endearingly named Johnny, Rocky and Rambo — were released Saturday into the open seas of Indonesia, according to The Associated Press. The aquatic mammals spent years in captivity entertaining tourists prior to their celebrated liberation. The dolphins had been rescued in 2019 from a small pool at a resort hotel, which purchased the animals after they had already spent years in a traveling circus. The Umah Lumba Rehabilitation, Release and Retirement Center in Bali then nurtured them back to health before setting them free.