Good News Headlines 9/8/2020

Garrett Ziegler Fresh Kills Landfill

Photo by Garrett Ziegler via Flickr CC

New York’s Staten Island Dump Is Now A Park

from Waste 360

Now known as Freshkills, the trash hills are hills without the trash. And today it is a place of ecological adaptation. The park is set to open to visitors in spring 2021… Read More


Algramo Launches In NYC To Fight Single-Use Plastic—And Help Forgetful Customers

from Contxto

At first sight, it’s clear that this approach helps the environment by cutting down the consumption of single-use plastic. But wait there’s more… Read More


Happiness Museum Looks At Brighter Feelings In Uncertain Times

by Mark Johanson, CNN

The new attraction is the brainchild of the Happiness Research Institute, an independent think tank that explores the science behind why some societies are happier than others with the end goal of encouraging global policymakers to include wellbeing as an integral part of the public policy debate… Read More


Rare ‘Singing’ Dog Found Flourishing In Remote Indonesia Region

by Nathan Howes, Yahoo! News

They were believed to be extinct because of habitat loss and hybrid breeding with feral village dogs… Read More


New Organic Certification Will Help Shoppers Choose Sustainable Products

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

The ROC standard was created by the Regenerative Organic Alliance, which formed in 2018 to respond to the growing need for a better agricultural economy… Read More


5 Simple Ways You Can Get Involved With #SecondHandSeptember

by Lisa Walden, Country Living

While the change in how we shop should be permanent, the campaign exists to help us all rethink the way we consume for the sake of the planet… Read More


‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ Allowed To Leave Zoo For Better Life

from The Guardian

An elephant who has become a cause célèbre for animal rights activists around the world will be allowed to leave his Pakistani zoo and be transferred to better conditions, the animal welfare group helping with the case has said… Read More


This Eucalyptus-based Hoodie Can Be Composted In Your Garden

from The Optimist Daily

Moving beyond T-shirts, Vollebak has created a hoodie made from eucalyptus trees dyed with pomegranate… Read More


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