How To Tap Into Your Inner Guidance To Give Yourself An Intuitive Reading

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• Your sister calls you on the phone right as you’re thinking about her.

• You’re thinking about your mom, who passed away last year, and her favorite song begins to play on the radio.

• More than often, when you glance at the clock to check the time time, you see 222, 333, 1212.

These are examples of your intuition at work. We all have these moments in life where your inner-wisdom shines through. I like to call them intuitive hits.

You’re born with intuitive abilities—not just some people, but each one of us. Intuition, like your other built-in senses, is part of the human package. It’s a natural part of who you are and should feel user-friendly and helpful.

Intuition manifests in various ways, but at its core, it is one true thing—communication from the eternal part of you, the loving Inner Guru You. If you listen and act on messages from your Inner Guru, your life takes on a magical quality, becoming effortless and fun.

Unfortunately, many people ignore their intuition. Why would someone tune out intuition if it’s beneficial to listen to your inner-guidance?

Intuition Is Subtle. It’s easy to ignore your intuition because it’s subtle. The world’s loud distractions and opinions often grab your attention, making it challenging to tune in to the gentle guidance from your Inner Guru.

You Don’t Understand How Intuition Works. It’s easy to dismiss your intuition if you don’t understand how it works. When this happens, you chalk your inner-guidance up to coincidences, luck, and good timing.

Your Inner Guidance Doesn’t Feel Reliable. You love when these Universal winks occur, but you don’t know how to receive them consistently or deliberately.

Logic Rules Your Decision-Making. Society loves logic. It’s celebrated in our culture. Intuition is not logical. It skips around, urging you in directions that don’t make sense to your analytical brain.

When you’ve relied only on logic to decide your future, intuition will feel flimsy in comparison because you’ve forgotten that your Inner Guru has a broader perspective of what’s happening in your life. Your Inner Guru will guide you to experiences and opportunities that feel right, but it’s hard to explain why they feel right.

So how can you tap into your intuition intentionally?

You develop your intuition through focus. All you have to do is learn to pay attention to it. I like to think of intuition as the highway in which communication flows from your Inner Guru to you. This pathway is constantly streaming with help and information, but you’ve got to listen.

Learning to hear your inner-guidance may feel awkward at first, but it’s easy when you know how. Follow these simple steps to open your senses to the information streaming to you:

1. Find Neutral

Finding your neutral place is key to tapping into your intuition because all energy is neutral. Energy is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad. It just is, and it’s essential to step back from judgment when reading energy.

So, how do you find your neutral zone? Take a nice deep breath. Allow yourself to imagine a sense of calm coming over you—that same feeling you get when you watch a sunset, look at a sleeping baby, or experience a runner’s high. Locate the place in your body where this feeling is most active. It may be in your heart, gut, in the middle of your head, or an all-over body feeling.

Practice visiting this neutral zone often throughout your day. Eventually, you’ll begin to reside in this neutrality.

2. Stay Curious

Being curious is crucial because it allows you to be open to the information you receive. Curiosity naturally shifts you into learning mode because it flips your mind into the realm of possibilities.

Hint: If you notice yourself analyzing the information you’re receiving, you have slipped out of your curiosity and moved into your analytical mind.

3. Maintain A State Of Wonder

Wonder is the state you naturally inhabited as a kid. You were surprised and delighted by everything. You allowed the information to be fresh and new as you learned about your world. This same quality is what it takes to receive intuitive hits.

Important to remember: Be open to the information. It can materialize in many ways and rarely in the way you expect. Plus, it will come in its own time.

4. Ask Your Burning Question.

(This step is meant to make you smile because your Inner Guru is smiling. Your Inner Guru already knows all the future possibilities and is delighted with them.)

When asking your question, it’s helpful to be alone in a quiet, friendly environment.

It’s also a good idea to close your eyes and take a few cleansing breaths. This helps to turn your focus inward.

Hint: If you notice yourself wanting a particular answer, take a breath and return to your neutral zone.

5. Feel for what lights up.

Intuition is guidance from your Inner Guru, so it lights the path before you. It will feel electric and energetic. The guidance will feel positive and pull you in a particular direction. It will feel like it is lighting up with energy before you. It will almost feel like a non-decision because the thing wants to happen.

6. Act.

Trust the information and act on it. Acting on your intuition will show you through personal experience that it’s reliable.

Even when you don’t act on it, notice what happens. Often you will wish that you had listened to your Inner Guru.

If you notice your intuitive hits don’t appear immediately, allow that to be okay. Divine timing and human timing can be very different. Sometimes you’ll receive the answer to your burning question days, weeks, or months later. The fascinating thing about intuition is you always know when you’ve received your answer.

Be patient with yourself as you re-learn the practice of tapping into your intuition.

Have fun with it. Turn it into a game. Experiment with easy questions like asking for help with what shirt to wear or where to go for lunch. Stay open. Listen and allow the answers to come.

Always remember, from the perspective of your Inner Guru, you can’t make a wrong decision. The next right step is the one you’re ready to receive and act on.

Michele Sammons is an inspirational author, spiritual teacher, and highly-attuned guide who works with people worldwide, helping them transform their lives through divine guidance. Michele is the author of two transformational books, The Little Book of Big Knowing: Tiny Bursts of Insight to Wake Up Your Soul and Intuitive Companion: Consult Your Inner Guru for Everyday Guidance. Visit