How You Can Use Subtle Energies To Eliminate Pain And Reverse Disease



“Your life is an experiment — an experiment in consciousness.”

In 2002, I learned an ancient technique of energy medicine in less than 15 minutes, and you can, too. The astonishing healing power of this simple technique is stunning, which I successfully incorporated into my standard Western medical practice.

I now teach this 20-year-plus, finely-tuned technique to my patients at every opportunity I get, and the results have been amazing. And it’s free! All it takes is time and effort, and then it takes no effort. Now it is your turn. The time has come for me to share what I have found.

Stressless Consciousness

Your level of stress determines not only your risk of physical disease, but also your ability to enjoy life and grow on emotional and spiritual levels. Fortunately, your level of stress is within your control since it is linked with your level of consciousness. You can learn a practical, portable, and simple means of reducing stress, pain, and anxiety, which also maintains health, and potentially even reverses disease. This is done by altering your consciousness.

It turns out that manipulation of what some call “subtle energies” has the capacity to induce levels of consciousness that naturally combat stress. At these levels of consciousness, the body has the innate ability to reverse or arrest disease, a seemingly miraculous quality.

In exiting the ordinary mind, you gain access to this more powerful superconscious mind. A hidden mind operating silently below the surface, it is peaceful and still, like an undisturbed pond. This mind has vast resources and enormous power. Here the natural healing forces spontaneously emerge without interference.

The use of certain thoughts, metaphors and exercises make it easier for a person to enter these higher states of consciousness and heal, yet it is actually being there that induces the healing. Intentionally moving into these higher states of consciousness dissolves our illusory reaction to stress thoughts, and the automatic healing response of the body is unleashed.

The innate power of the human body to heal can be shocking. Since I’m a physician, this was what first drew my attention. When my patients placed their attention firmly in this metaphysical realm, people were healing beyond anything I know of in the West. This was a big surprise, and the extent of the additional effect was quite mysterious to me at first.

People were healing from things they weren’t supposed to! In addition, entering this higher consciousness unveiled abilities and skills in many patients that are generally regarded as paranormal. The commonality in the emergence of these so-called psychic skills makes them appear to be natural to our species, like people attaining their full potential.

You Are A Field Of Conscious Vibrating Energy

If someone had told me I was a vibrating field of conscious energy 30 years ago, I would have laughed. Now I can tell you that you are not only a vibrating cloud of conscious energy, but that you also exist fully within and are permeated by a larger field of conscious energy. It is quite easy to confirm this.

However, just consciously recognizing this truth frees us from the confines of the ordinary mind with its rules imposed by sensory limitations and concepts connected to the physical. In the higher states of consciousness, the rules change. Perhaps one can speculate at the highest metaphysical level there are no rules.

At its deepest state, we evolve into this field of consciousness where there is no time and no place. It already exists in every time, all at once, simultaneously. The ordinary mind exists as a filter of this infinite field of information and produces the illusion of time and location.

We are metaphysical beings having a physical experience. Though we exist in a physical body, healing happens when we access the metaphysical. You can experience this for yourself. What I am teaching you, you are already doing. Accept the challenge of doing it better and you will heal in an unexpected and powerful way!

Healing Directly With Qi

I learned from my teacher, Rosalyn Bruyere, an ancient technique of hands-on healing given the rather weird name of the Wishy-Washy Technique. It is highly useful because it is incredibly simple to do.

I first envision my feet extended like taproots deep into Earth, like hollow tubes capable of absorbing Earth’s energy. Using focused intent, I pull Earth energy through the balls of my feet, feeling a warm, buzzy sensation move up my legs into my belly. My teacher refers to this sensation as Qi.

I then extend the sensation into my heart area, and pass it down my arms and into my palms. With my hands on either side of the symptomatic area of the body, I emit the energy out my palms and back and forth through the area as powerfully as I can.

In just moments, a strong warming sensation will fill the afflicted area. Quite often, I have witnessed immediate pain relief and instances of very rapid recovery of tissue and organ function that put me in a state of awe. What force causes this effect both defies explanation and demands one.

The ordinary mind and five senses and brain operate on the physical plane, which is very much connected to the fight or flight response. One’s energy field at this stage is collapsed — closed for fighting or flighting. It is in protector mode. Protector mode doesn’t do you much good if you cannot detect a threat, so you expand your energy field to be open for detection, which is a more relaxed field. Every second that we live, this expansion and contraction of your field from protector field into detector field happens.

When you go into a state of relaxation, your field widens and you use your sixth sense. Your other five senses can still operate, but you notice, “Hey, there’s no tiger around. I can relax. I can mellow out.” When that happens, the energy field expands, and it’s just like a bellows. It pulls Qi, the life force energy, into body, which nutrifies it, because Qi increases nutrients in all tissues and organs.

There’s three major reasons people heal when they use energy medicine. First is because their stress level goes down, and the resources that were directed towards running away, are now directed toward rejuvenation.

The second reason people heal is because this energy comes in a nice big flow, and if there’s open channels it goes to the organs and nutrifies the organs.

The third reason is rather mysterious. If you deliver healing intent, which is an actual event that you are asking to happen now, this is healing happening in the superconscious. Your field expands, you relax. There is a warming feeling you experience. Qi is being pulled into your body by the bellows effect. This is a reliable indicator of healing taking place. There are numerous things you can do to expand those bellows, which is always going on, but you can increase that with breathwork, meditation, energy work or going to a spiritual site.

Another thing you will notice is a sense of calmness. The sense of calmness is your mind noticing there is no danger, no tiger. You may also notice a sense of levitating. This is a reliable indicator that you have entered the metaphysical level and your body knows it is no longer necessary for detection purposes. Those five senses can shut off, and you can access the universal mind.

This place is incomprehensible to the ordinary mind. If you are feeling this sense of calmness and floating, you are in a place you can run as much healing energy through your body as you wish, and you will want to stay here as long as possible, and return often. This is your own body doing its own healing.

Record and remember the warm, buzzy body sensation, the profound peace and rest, and floating sensation. If you can reproduce any of these sensations, you can re-enter this state at will, instantaneously. In fact, you are always already there, but just don’t recognize it. As you spend more and more time there, your body habituates to this state, much like when you were an infant. If you are in pain or in anxiety, you can remember this state to help move you out of pain in the moment.

The famous physician, Albert Schweitzer, MD, said it best:

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we let the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.”

Dr. William R. Schroeder, DO, MCDB, is a board-certified internal medicine specialist physician and energy medicine practitioner living in central Colorado. Contact Dr. Bill via email at drbillschroeder1956@gmail.

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