I Have the Soul of a Tree in Me

In the 1970’s I was a lifeguard in Hopkinton MA. One dark, cold afternoon we were waiting for the rain to start so that we could officially close the beach.

We were listening to reports of impending thunder storms, and as I looked over the water I saw two men in an aluminum row boat. I ran down the shore to wave them in, and that is the last memory I have of the afternoon. When the lightening bolt stuck I was thrown into the air and landed several feet from where I had been standing, and the shattered tree behind me was on fire.

I wish I had a story to tell about seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, meeting my ancestors, and feeling connected to my soul’s purpose. I remember nothing except “coming to” in the back of the lifeguard’s Volkswagen as he rushed me to the hospital with my body jerking, not able to see for many hours. I was afraid that all of my hair had been burned off and that I would be blind for the rest of my life. My head felt like it was going to explode, and my left leg was completely numb.

I didn’t see God, but what I was left with was a rudder that would guide my life. When I am out of alignment, my spine speaks to me, and my spleen is a point of vulnerability. I have come to learn that millions of people have a similar guiding force in their body that communicates to them, but they just don’t understand that the aches and pains are there to help them return to balance. A host of illnesses including digestive ailments, headaches, and aches and pains are the target of huge advertising campaigns which would make us believe that we should demand that our body comply with our ego desires rather than recognizing that it is often a manifestation of spirit.

I have never questioned the existence of the meridians of Oriental medicine because I have several meridians that were fried. I learned about the existence of the vivaxis from my energy medicine teacher Donna Eden. To this day, no matter where I am on the earth, my body remembers the exact direction I was facing when the bolt of lightening hit. If I walk through a metal detector in that direction and do not go home and demagnetize myself, I experience fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue symptoms again, and my spine begins to curve out of alignment. Now I can teach others how to clear a vivaxis themselves.

My physical trauma gave me the potential for a deep mastery of the life force, not because I am brilliant, but because I have a body, and I listen to it. I have never questioned the relationship between energy and matter that the yogis speak of, and when I practice chi gong, I know, as Jane Evershed wrote, that I have the soul of a tree in me.

Patricia Burke observes, studies and teaches energy medicine. She can be reached at patricia999burke@gmail.com or visit www.theceresinitiatives.com.