Is There Really A Secret To Inner Peace?

Everyone has his or her definition of what inner peace is. You may describe it as feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually at peace with yourself.

Inner peace is an important tool that helps you to navigate through difficult times. It can be as easy as letting go of the unnecessary clutter and chaos of the mind. If you practice Taoism, a religion of Chinese origin, inner peace is living in harmony and finding balance in everything you do.

Because we all live in the world of duality, we must find a balance between our physical and spiritual worlds. Most people live in one or the other world. To find inner peace, we need both worlds to be balanced.

Our physical world comprised of who we are, where we live and work, and all the players in our life. This is tangible energy that we can see, feel and touch.

Our spiritual world is where our energy lives. All living and inanimate objects have energy. We can't see or touch this type of energy, but it is always in constant motion, making progress or losing ground, moving forward or backward.

Everyone can find inner peace through the path of acceptance. We can balance both our physical and spiritual bodies. Learning how to resolve personal internal conflicts is how we will find our inner peace.

What causes internal conflicts? Mostly, it’s our accumulated limiting beliefs and fears:

  • Feeling not good enough or smart enough
  • Dreaming unbelievably big dreams
  • Never setting goals because you believe they are unrealistic
  • Not having the resources or the support
  • Self-judging and comparing

What is inner peace? Acceptance of who you are at this moment without judgment and comparison. To find that balance, I often say, “Don't stray too far to the left or the right, and always come back to the center.”

How do you break the cycle of negativity? Have faith in yourself by believing in yourself. Know that you are more than good enough.

  • Start by focusing on the moment, instead of thinking about the past or worrying about the future.
  • Break the cycle of obsessive over-thinking and over-analyzing by realizing that most of the things you think about are self-imposed.
  • Stop judging yourself and stop believing people are judging you. Everyone has things to worry about, and chances are you're not on their radar.
  • Surround yourself with individuals who love, care and support you.
  • Give appreciation to everyone and everything.
  • Laugh often!

Is inner peace permanent? No. As you grow and experience life, your energetic mind, body and spirit will also change. The tools that helped you stay peaceful last year may not work this year. With growth and challenges, new tools will be required to help you stay balanced and maintain your inner peace.

Inner peace is achievable. May you find constant inner peace wherever you go and in whatever you do.

Helen Chin Lui is a certified reflexologist, certified energy medicine practitioner, Reiki Master and teacher. She is the owner of the Healing Place in Medfield, MA, where she specializes in helping people of all ages to find relief from chronic digestive disorders, chronic pain and balance hormones naturally. Visit

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