Spirit of Change - May-June 2002

Silence and Massage for Newborn and Mother

In 1986, Tiffany Field, Ph.D. at the University of Miami, showed that premature newborns who were massaged for fifteen minutes three times daily in the hospital following delivery regained their birth weight and left the hospital stronger than control babies who weren’t massaged.

Glorious Grains

In celebration of this season's warm weather and our desire to spend more time savoring outdoor activities, we're going to explore the world of grains.

Kucinich Envisions A Department Of Peace

If you believe that humanity has a higher destiny; if you believe we can evolve, and become better than we are; if you believe we can overcome the scourge of war and someday fulfill the dream of harmony and peace on Earth, let us begin the conversation today. Let us exchange our ideas.

Letters To The Editor: Hypnosis-Assisted Childbirth

Dear Carol, I would like to respond to Kathryn McGlynn’s letter to the editor concerning my article “Are Hypnosis-Assisted Birth Techniques for Everyone (Nov/Dec 2002) in an attempt to clarify the issues raised in both the article and the letter.