Just Laid Off? Here Are Four Helpful Tips To Help You Quickly Reboot


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Getting laid off is never an easy experience to go through. Whether it’s because your organization is downsizing or the economy is in a bad place, losing your job can feel overwhelming. Because there are many different forms of unemployment, they all can affect you differently.

If you’ve recently experienced the loss of your job, it’s not the end of the world. There are steps you can take to get yourself back on your feet and secure a new position quickly. Being aware of these steps can definitely make the process less stressful.

1. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Hearing the words “You’re fired!” or “We have to let you go,” are likely to bring on feelings of being overwhelmed, sad, mad or perhaps even happy. That’s okay! Allow yourself to feel those emotions, which are healthy and normal, and find either a friend or professional to talk it through with. There will always be people who can help — family, friends, church members or even public help lines. Ultimately, you will discover this door closing is an opportunity for you to grow in a new direction, discover new things that interest you, and people in your work life. It is an opportunity to make new connections.

2. Revisit Your Resume And Social Media Accounts

If you’ve been working for several years at the same company, you probably haven’t had a lot of reason to regularly update your resume, so it’s time to revisit your resume and get it up to speed. Take the time to make your resume shine. The better your resume can communicate your value as an employee, the easier it will be to land a new job.

Many organizations now use applicant tracking technology to scan over resumes before humans ever place eyes on them. This being the case, it’s important that your resume is formatted correctly and will be legible to applicant tracking systems. Use a spellchecker; have a trusted individual proofread and make suggestions for improvement before your finalize the document.

Update your LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Facebook accounts with accurate information about your contact, education and employment details. Adjust the privacy settings on your accounts that will prevent potential employers from accessing your private data and photos. According to Forbes.com, “92% of companies are using social media for hiring, and three out of four hiring managers will search a candidate’s social profiles before hiring.” Make sure you are satisfied with the look and content of all your social media accounts, and that they reflect your potential employee status in a positive way.

3. Network And Ask Around

Since the vast majority of job roles are filled through referrals and networking, having someone you know refer you for a position will greatly increase your chances of securing a new position. Use this time to reach out to friends, family, and acquaintances to see if anyone knows about an open position you’re suited for. Then follow up every lead.

While putting yourself out there can be difficult, it’s important to remember this is normal. Also remember that a friend who helps you land a new role today, may be in a position for you to help them do the same in the future.

4. Start Blasting Out Applications

Start blasting out applications as soon as you can to as many open positions as possible. Don’t limit yourself to just one website searching for job listings. Waste no time or energy with negative thinking; choose to think positively with every application sent, and attract positive results to you. Directly email employers or hiring managers whenever possible. This shows them that you’re both serious about wanting the role, and also someone willing to put in extra effort to get a job done.

Andrew Deen has been a consultant for startups in almost every industry from retail to medical devices to human resources. He implements lean methodology and is currently writing a book about scaling up business.

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