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Ethan Borg, M.A.OM, L.Ac
1427 Monroe Ave Ste 2, Rochester, NY 14618

We are the storm break. We are here to protect.

Folks, we have a pending pandemic on our hands. Good news is that we can all be practitioners of Eminus Mirus, and we were put here for this purpose.

Some of the benefits that are going to help us as we do our duty to heal and protect ourselves and others:

  1. EM is long distance, so we don’t have to put ourselves at risk helping people with active or suspected illness
  2. EM is perhaps the most powerful energy method ever created, especially at higher EM Levels.
  3. EM was optimized from the start against infectious disease. There may be no stronger alternative medicine for attacking pathogens. Period.
  4. We have strategies that have evolved over decades that are comprehensive, tried and true, and easily learned.
  5. We can do this.

Receive daily free energy blast treatments to protect you against pathogens I associate in Chinese medicine with the coronavirus.

Learn strategies for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus using the free EM Level 1 treatment.

If you are just hearing about EM for the first time, you may need a crash course. You can find introductory how-to videos at my EMtuitive Youtube channel. And you can sign up for free to watch the full EM Level 1 class at the Eminus Mirus (EM) website.

Akin To A Viral Hurricane On Approach

In the United States and around the world, we are in perhaps the darkest days of this pandemic — stuck between a tidal wave of cases and not quite yet at a place of safe harbor with a vaccine. I am worried how things will play out these next six weeks when we go from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years like a 1-2-3 punch, each subsequent holiday magnifying growth on the head of the last holiday surge.

For reasons that are hard for me to fathom, tens of millions of Americans have simply decided that doctors don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to germ theory. They have decided that people who wear masks are making a political statement rather than what it truly is: following scientifically validated medical advice. By not wearing a mask, they are seeding their communities with virus again and again and again. It would be sad if the consequences weren’t so dire. Instead, it is literally tragic.

Some good news: People on this Anti Coronavirus Blast have done astonishingly well since I started sending treatments 8 times a day in February 2020. I have had multiple reports of people being on this list as the only ones among a cohort of colleagues not to get sick when the virus has struck their workplaces, with no other explanation outside of being part of these free, daily treatments. Except for the one case I mentioned back in April of a person with a serious pre-existing condition, people on this list who have tested positive have all had extremely light cases and have gotten through their bouts of illness remarkably easily. I have even had months of quiet where not a single person on this list contacted me at all about suspected cases or positive tests. This has been true even as cases rose substantially across the globe in Autumn.

The bad news: despite this good news, I am worried. Mainly, I am worried about the sheer number of people who are infected seeding and reseeding others with virus. Repeated exposure over a short period of time is much more problematic than individual exposures spread out over time in terms of my ability to keep up. My methods are designed to clear as much pathogen as possible each treatment I send. However, if a person keeps getting re-infected over and over again in short succession, it is a challenge to keep the viral load down. Now is the time you must do your part to keep your exposures as low as possible to help me help you.


I recommend the following:

  1. Do not eat inside restaurants and definitely do not go to bars. I suspect alcohol plays a role in breaking down mucus membranes, thereby increasing transmission.
  2. Wear a mask outside the house and also inside the house if you are spending time with people who do not live with you.
  3. That said, try to minimize other people coming into your house who do not live with you (and minimize your time in theirs) whether or not they also wear a mask (but they should definitely wear a mask).
  4. Inside or outside the house, limit the time you spend with people who do not live with you to less than 15 minutes. The longer you spend with people the more this exposure can overcome the benefit of a mask.
  5. Maintain maximal distance from people you don’t live with. 6 feet is an arbitrary distance. Further is always better. But the virus can spread indoors over surprising distances especially with people who are not wearing a mask.
  6. Conduct as much business as possible long distance rather than in person.
  7. Avoid working together with others if possible.
  8. Try to work from home.
  9. If you order food, receive it curbside if possible.
  10. Don’t work out at gyms until this wave passes.
  11. Kids can go to school if the school system is following protocols that you feel protect your kids’ exposure. Schools are not proving to be locations of transmission due to mask wearing and cleanliness practices.
  12. Don’t celebrate the holidays in large family gatherings.
  13. Don’t travel if you can avoid it and try not to fly on airplanes.
  14. If you can get groceries without going into the store, this is a good idea.
  15. Avoid people you know who are not practicing safe Covid procedures.


In terms of supplements, the following are showing benefits for people:

  1. Vitamin D
  2.  Zinc
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Elderberry


Eat your vegetables and get good quality sleep.

Nothing is more protective than masks + distance + not spending time indoors with others who don’t live with you.

Vaccines will start to be distributed soon. However, distribution and vaccine generation will bottleneck the process. Most people won’t have an opportunity to get doses for many months out. Kids might not receive doses until the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. We will be wearing masks a long, long time — but the danger will diminish as hand-in-hand the case load reduces. I do recommend getting the vaccines that are proving 95% or higher benefit. If I hear anything troubling about these vaccines, I will pass it on to you. But I am encouraged by what I am hearing right now.

In two weeks time, I will be discontinuing taking new people on this list in advance of what I expect to be a significant bump up in positive tests and near misses occupying more of my energies. Today was the first day since this crisis began that three separate families in my clinical practice needed Covid interventions (I should mention, none are on this list). This is very telling to me. It means we need to be more vigilant now than at any previous point since this all started.

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