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Ethan Borg, M.A.OM, L.Ac
1427 Monroe Ave Ste 2, Rochester, NY 14618

We are the storm break. We are here to protect.

Folks, we have a pending pandemic on our hands. Good news is that we can all be practitioners of Eminus Mirus, and we were put here for this purpose.

Some of the benefits that are going to help us as we do our duty to heal and protect ourselves and others:

  1. EM is long distance, so we don’t have to put ourselves at risk helping people with active or suspected illness
  2. EM is perhaps the most powerful energy method ever created, especially at higher EM Levels.
  3. EM was optimized from the start against infectious disease. There may be no stronger alternative medicine for attacking pathogens. Period.
  4. We have strategies that have evolved over decades that are comprehensive, tried and true, and easily learned.
  5. We can do this.

Receive daily free energy blast treatments to protect you against pathogens I associate in Chinese medicine with the coronavirus.

Learn strategies for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus using the free EM Level 1 treatment.

If you are just hearing about EM for the first time, you may need a crash course. You can find introductory how-to videos at my EMtuitive Youtube channel. And you can sign up for free to watch the full EM Level 1 class at the Eminus Mirus (EM) website.

In terms of supplements, the following are showing benefits for people:

  1. Vitamin D
  2.  Zinc
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Elderberry

Eat your vegetables and get good quality sleep.

Nothing is more protective than masks + distance + not spending time indoors with others who don’t live with you.

Learn more about Eminus Mirus: Astonishing At A Distance

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