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Come Back To Love

Robyn Vogel
(505) 380-9254

The 5 Steps Our Couples Take To Come Back To Love After An Affair
(even if they feel devastated, betrayed and think all hope is lost)

Here’s what you’ll discover in today’s training…

*A step-by-step game plan my clients use to permanently heal after an affair (even if it seems completely impossible right now.)

*Why straight-up therapy is NOT a good strategy for getting to forgiveness and how you can open connection again with your partner starting TODAY.

*The secret to avoiding screaming matches and how you can have calm and effective conversations that move you in the direction of healing.

*Why you shouldn’t forgive or apologize even when everyone is telling you that you should. There’s a time and place for that and knowing exactly when and how is the key to healing.

*How to feel less stress, fear, and devastation even while the details of what happened are continuing to be revealed.

*And how to do all this…while staying completely true to yourself, healing broken trust, getting unstuck and moving forward to save your relationship.

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“We told Robyn that we were really ready to throw in the towel and break up. We literally tried EVERYTHING! We had seen a therapist for a year, we talked to our minister, friends and family and honestly nothing helped. Robyn was our last resort. We had little faith but were willing to give it one more try because we really didn’t want to break our children’s hearts. I have to say I’m surprised….but Robyn helped us tremendously. She turned our relationship around. It was hard work (and I think she worked as hard as we did!) but we did it. I’m so beyond grateful!!! Thank you Robyn! You’re a treasure!” —G and L from NH, USA

“We called Robyn the moment the affair I was having was discovered by my partner. She came highly recommended by a friend. It was like the first thing we did. Robyn was helpful even on the telephone before we started working with her formally. We had our first session the next day. It was scary. I felt horrible about what I did and Robyn did not make me feel ashamed at all! I was relieved by that. She very skillfully, without any judgment held both of our stories, all of the challenges and everything that happened with equanimity. This was so important to me looking back. The shame I felt could have prevented us from staying together. I’m so glad it didn’t and I speak for us both when I say that we couldn’t be happier!” —L and K from MA, USA

Category: Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coaching
Quick Facts:

Robyn Vogel, founder of Come Back To Love® is a sought-after international facilitator of personal growth and healing. Her superpower is intimacy. Her colleagues from all over the world send their clients to Robyn because she dives into the most challenging relationship dynamics with comfort and confidence. Robyn’s couples experience true transformation as clarity and focus reveal themselves and healing, recovery and rebuilding become possible.