Love Letter To The Network

53 X Cosmic Dance Rev3

“Cosmic Dance”©RadkaSoulArt

“Many of us are more advanced than we think we are,” says astrologer Steven Forrest. “The sooner we realize that, the sooner we’ll have the confidence to help heal this battered world.”

It’s as much a shock to me as it is to anyone reading this letter to have the plug pulled from such a rich, juicy source of information, inspiration and connection that has etherically linked us for 35 years. Now that it has begun to dissolve, I feel more noticeably the network that stands in place emanating ever-growing ripples of personal and planetary healing.

The pandemic brought new ways of being and doing into our lives, especially opportunities to do all sorts of things remotely. My understanding of remote healing kicked into high gear during this time, giving me the opportunity to unequivocally share this information with others. Our human bodies are equipped to self-heal; we’re all learning how to do that now on many different levels of awareness, and helping each other evolve.

Spirit of Change magazine has provided stepping stones in this evolution thanks to every point of light along this network.

Thank you to all the subscribers and readers who enthusiastically loved and shared it with family and friends over three decades, wrote articles and Letters to the Editors, sent in artwork, patronized advertisers, and sent their self-healing vibrations out into the network to sustain it with their personal healing efforts.

Thank you to all the artists and authors of over 15,000 articles, 10,000 of which are posted online. The first 15 years of Spirit of Change saw mostly black and white artwork in print before the advent of digital printing presses with free unlimited color. The reprisal of black and white illustration featured in two articles in this last issue is sweet nostalgia.

Thank you to all the Spirit of Change staff over 35 years — designers, delivery drivers, sales associates, office managers, proofers and printers — I learned something from each and every person. There are so many fond memories and noteworthy stories about individuals who went above and beyond to keep our little boat afloat, plus so many who went on to discover alternative healing professions for themselves.

Thank you to all the store and business owners who found a special place for Spirit of Change in their locations to get it out to the public and keep the network strong.

Lastly, a big cosmic thank you to all the advertisers over many, many years who supported the financial costs of bringing this special magazine into being each issue. I know you each of you will benefit exponentially from your investment in this healing network in innumerable, transcendent ways, just as I have. It could not have happened without you. Your commitment to my endeavor is humbling.

There’s no place to go but forward. “Keep going” is my mantra, which has sustained me well since childhood in ignoring fears, doubts and dreads that travel alongside me, by focusing my attention straight ahead. Fear is nothing but “f”alse “e”vidence “a”ppearing “r”eal, draining your energy to create. It is your greatest healing foe — a mental opponent!

We are always heading towards health and wholeness, as are all Earth organisms. You can consciously choose to create this. Choose to keep healing, keep heading for wholeness.

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