Musings: Vibrational Healing Is Logical and Elegant

Despite all the evidence of mind/body medicine’s success and the significance of its unlimited potential, our healthcare mindset remains stuck in the mud. We have the power to take care of our own health.

A friend once lamented to me that although he longed to meditate because he knew it would empower his mind, improve his health and possibly lead to blissful experiences, he just found the practice so underwhelming he simply could not continue for any length of time. Seasoned meditators would tell you that he didn’t go far enough, long enough or often enough into stillness to allow it to transport him to places he wanted to go, an obstacle every meditator encounters. He simply didn’t practice enough.

The practice of yoga developed not so yogis could heal their bodies, but as a technique to focus the mind. The more difficult the pose, the greater the required focus. Each time the mind wanders during yoga, the body nudges it back to maintain the pose, sending out a rush of healing prana to help it along. With dedicated practice, both meditation and yoga can mobilize immense self-healing powers. Exactly how powerful is the healing mind? It’s time to find out.

Largely through the efforts of mindfulness meditation pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn, MD, meditation is now widely accepted as a therapeutic tool, known to reduce symptom severity, speed recovery and even shape illness outcomes. Advanced meditators can demonstrate superhuman feats of pain tolerance and agility purely through the power of mind control. The placebo effect — a belief in the healing power of a treatment — is well documented in replicated studies by Harvard Medical School and others to be as successful in symptom relief as the treatment itself, even including some surgical procedures.

Despite all the evidence of mind/body medicine’s success and the significance of its unlimited potential, our healthcare mindset remains stuck in the mud. We have the power to take care of our own health. I question every assumption made by mainstream medicine — health declines as you age, the doctor knows best, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and diagnostics will keep you healthy, and if you can’t quantify it, it doesn’t exist. On the contrary, the meridians, chakra centers and auric layers of our energetic body are where all health and disease originate. While this energy system is currently invisible to Western medicine’s untrained eye, so is comprehension of the mind’s mysterious untapped powers — all the more reason we want to fast track cutting-edge research to explore the new energy medicine of the 21st century.

In “The Human Biofield” this issue, Eileen McKusick notes that if everything is vibration as quantum physics asserts, then treating the vibration of disease with the vibration of healing is logical and elegant. Dis-ease on an energetic level in the body responds readily to other vibrations that are healing and whole by coming into resonance with those higher vibrations that smooth dis-ease back into ease. Vibrational healing occurs through sound, color, light, nature elements, crystals, homeopathic, aromatherapy and herbal remedies, drumming, shamanic and spiritual techniques as well as the hundreds of varieties of energy medicine including acupuncture, reiki, polarity, Eden Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), to name a few.

In recent years, EFT — a body-tapping technique based on acupuncture meridian points — has become especially popular through its success helping returning veterans cope with PSTD. Earthing (or grounding), according to Joseph Mer cola, MD, is the practice of walking barefoot outside on natural surfaces. Research indicates that electron exchange through your feet with Earth has antioxidant effects that can protect your body from inflammation and all its negative health consequences. For most of our evolutionary history, humans have had continuous barefoot contact with Earth.

Vibrational healing and depletion also takes place everyday through your diet. Eating locally grown organic plant food provides the highest level of vibrational healing in your diet. Living food feeds your living cells with healthy vibrational energy. Food that is packaged, processed and loaded with artificial ingredients provides much less vibrational quality than real food. At the lowest level of food vibration is meat, dairy and eggs from CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations), and unfortunately this is where the majority of the animal products we consume are produced. Buying your animal products from a local farmer raising animals consciously and humanely is the only way to avoid vibrational depletion if you eat meat, eggs or dairy.

In the words of vegan chef Mielle Chénier-Cowan Rose, excerpted from her new cookbook Veganish in this issue, “We cannot possibly thrive by consuming the product of such intense suffering. The inhumane yet ingenious model of the factory farm has made it possible for modern people to consume unnatural quantities of animal-based food, and it’s making us spiritually and physically sick.” Since all is energy and vibration, the more we heal ourselves and our diet, the more we raise our vibration and help in creating the beautiful planet we all want to live on.

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