My Path To Tong Ren Healing

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I first learned about Tom Tam’s reputation as a powerful healer from the widow of a cancer survivor during a short conversation we had at a social event. She described how her husband’s life had been extended years beyond the timetable forecast by his medical doctors and how, on one occasion in particular, his debilitating pain had been relieved at a distance while they vacationed in the Midwest.

Our conversation was brief and her experience with Tom had taken place years before, yet her enthusiastic animation in describing her late husband’s compelling pain relief was more than enough to plant a seed. Over the next 12 years, two trusted holistic health practitioners also shared their experiences with Tong Ren, the energy healing discipline the Boston-based acupuncturist, author, teacher and inventor began developing more than 30 years ago.

The passion of these three individuals was not lost on me. Finally, after the span of a dozen years, I took action to check Tong Ren out for myself. What I discovered was not only an extraordinary healer, but a community of devoted practitioners and deeply grateful patients.

The success of the Tom Tam Healing System relies on tapping, acupuncture, Tui Na and devices Tom has invented, all honoring the principle of clearing energy blockages by tapping into the collective unconscious to allow the body to heal. Tong Ren practitioners use a hand-held model of the human body with a magnetic hammer to clear blockages in nerve pathways, distinguishable from meridian pathways, to support the balanced flow of chi, the life force energy. The therapy uses the power of the mind to move chi.

Tong Ren practitioners do not diagnose; they work with the medical diagnosis of the individual seeking healing. In a group tapping session, the leader moves from one individual to the next, inviting each to verbally share his/her current need or complaint. Some report the results of their latest lab or other conventional procedure. Tapping on the human model for each person present is done sequentially and generally lasts anywhere from one to three minutes per individual. Sessions close with a few minutes of quiet time where the healing energy is broadcast to the full group.

Like others in the room during the first healing circle I attended in Burlington, MA, I felt strong sensations reflecting movement of the energy elicited by the tapping. That first Sunday afternoon, I arrived home feeling a pronounced sense of elation and renewal. I felt so much lighter, happier! I was due for hip replacement surgery in a few months, and the cutting lower body pain I’d been experiencing was relieved to the point that I could walk around the house without my two ski poles. When my surgeon unexpectedly cancelled the scheduled hip replacement surgery date, the only way I was able to make it through to the new date was by way of the support I was getting from the Tong Ren community.

Many who come to Tong Ren are unfamiliar with the concept of chi and are looking for hope and solutions. Like me, they’ve heard Tong Ren stories or someone they know has suggested they check it out. They’re not into the science Tom bases his work on and they needn’t be to benefit. Within a few weeks of attending these free healing circles, the vertigo I’d experienced for several months vanished completely and has not returned. Prior to experiencing Tong Ren, I considered sleeping four hours without waking a good night; yet that first night, I slept 6 1/2 hours without waking. On days I attend weekly healing circles and/or tap at home, sleep continues to be sounder and longer. And if I can’t attend an in-person session, I can sign in online with my healing request to maintain momentum via circles held throughout the week.