October Ends With A Swirl Of Celestial Activity

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“Don’t give up. Remember, it’s always the last key on the key ring that opens the door.”  — Paul Coelho

The month ends with a swirl of celestial activity. We’ve got many changes ahead of us, starting this weekend. Exhilarating highs come when the Libra Sun’s is conjunct Venus Saturday, October 22. Enjoy the party. Saturday night is a great date night. Happy reunions and returns to places of the heart are likely. Lord of Karma Saturn resumes forward motion just minutes after midnight on Sunday. Important matters that have been on hold will soon see renewed movement. Saturn delays but it doesn’t deny. Later that morning the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, ushering in the deepest of Autumn moods. When life gets too intense be sure to come up for air. Breathe, laugh, talk to a tree, the sky or a friend.

Autumnal Eclipse Season begins Tuesday the 25th. The Scorpio New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. Realizations can be profound and revealed secrets may lead to course changes. Projects begun around the time of an eclipse rarely go as planned. Be quick to recognize shifting circumstances and adapt accordingly. Pro tip, there’s a second Lunar Eclipse coming on Election Day.

Retrograding Jupiter returns to Pisces on Friday the 28th. An unsolved mystery from last spring could be resolved or a private personal matter may be revisited. Jupiter’s stay in Pisces concludes at the Winter Solstice. The giant planet of good fortune won’t return to the Sign of the Fishes until late 2033.

Mars turns retrograde in Gemini the morning of Sunday the 30th, setting the stage for a seven month stay in the chatty sign. Choose your words thoughtfully in the weeks and months ahead. The Red Planet is always a two-edged sword. Comments can encourage or wound. Mars won’t exit Gemini until March of 2023. And then of course there’s Halloween. Community spirit will be high but mind your partner’s spooky moods. Stay safe and good trick or treating to you!

Keep looking up!

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