Self-Hypnosis Ankle Sprain Healing

One rainy Saturday morning, I was racing out of my house to drive 30 miles to teach an all day hypnosis seminar. I was late.

I was off balance, toting a large bag of class materials, a small sound system, provisions for the day, and then I slipped and fell on the brick walkway. I twisted my right ankle and landed on my shoulder. Owwww.

I gathered myself and my gear together, pulled myself up and continued in my haste to get on the road. I had no time to feel sorry for myself or get an ice pack, an Ace bandage, a homeopathic remedy or an aspirin. Vroom! Off I went. I feared that, by the end of the day, my ankle would be so sore and swollen that I would be unable to walk or drive home.

So, while driving — fast — in the rain, I put myself into a light trance and did some eyes-open self-hypnosis. Kids, don’t try this in a car by yourself. Because I had had many years’ worth of experience with hypnosis, I was able to be in trance while focused on driving safely.

Hypnosis works with the power of the subconscious mind. The language of the subconscious mind is metaphor, imagery, pretend, imagination, feelings and emotions.

So, I imagined that there were three little medical teams taking care of my body. One team had special needles that could sew up any torn tendons, muscles and ligaments in my ankle and shoulder. Another team had a fire hose and was able to pump out any excess fluid build-up in the injured areas. The third team was applying medicated bandages to the areas that already hurt and that were anticipated to hurt later in the day. I felt so relieved that these wise inner paramedics were taking care of me, and would continue to do so throughout the day, even when I was unaware of their ministrations.

I schlepped up and down several flights of stairs when I arrived and when I left, carrying all my gear. And, at the end of that long day of teaching, there was no swelling, no bruising, no discomfort. Just the power of the mind, helping the body to heal itself.