The Mysterious Hum Heard Around the World

According to a recent NBC News report, a phenomenon known as the Hum has been described as a bothersome, low-frequency humming or droning sound that affects about 2% of people living in Hum-prone areas. These places are found throughout the world, most commonly in rural and suburban areas.

Researchers have yet to pinpoint the origins of the sound although there have been many possible sources suggested such as traffic, factories, electrical power lines, military experiments or environmental factors.

According to NBC News, “There’s some speculation that the Hum could be the result of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, audible only to some people. And there are verified cases in which individuals have particular sensitivities to signals outside the normal range of human hearing…Most researchers investigating the Hum express some confidence that the phenomenon is real, and not the result of mass hysteria or hearers’ hypochondria.”

Regardless of the source, people who hear the Hum can also suffer from a range of symptoms including headaches, nausea, sleep disturbances and nosebleeds in addition to the constant annoyance of the throbbing, rumbling hum. While experts continue to search for answers, sufferers try to cope as best they can, despite being dismissed as delusional by some. A fan or white noise machine seems to drown out the Hum for some.

Laurie Johnston is a staff writer for Spirit of Change magazine.

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