The Next Big Bang in Human Consciousness

Information channeled from ascended master Vywamus, a teacher of higher consciousness.

A practicing clinical psychologist with a PhD, Andrea Seiver considered herself an ordinary person like everyone else until she began to receive communication in a conversational style during a meditation session in 1986. Wondering if she was somehow making up this information, the next words she heard were: “Well, are you going to write this down or aren’t you?”

For the next 25 years Andrea channeled information from this being of white light who, “for convenience,” chose to adopt “the personality of Vywamus (pronounced Vy-wah-muss) because “speaking to a ‘person’ is what humans are used to and allows them to interact with guides and receive their help.” Vywamus is particularly interested in helping Earth beings reach their next evolutionary step, explaining that we do not need to have lightening bolts of psychic experience to be in touch with this larger reality. We embody streams of high-frequency “numinous” (spiritual) energies that we can consciously learn to work with to shape our own evolution. As our planet and entire universe evolves towards this higher level of vibration, we feel this acceleration as things “speeded up” in our daily lives, which will continue accelerating until this transition to the next level of consciousness is complete.

After 25 years of recording and distilling these conversations, The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness (2011, Heart Light Resources Publishing) was published. In order to solve the world problems that plague us and survive we must reach into a deeper level of our creative energies and move toward a broader vision of the good we can create. Vywamus assures us this is happening right now as great positive forces and floods of tremendous creativity and tremendous love for others and for our planet are being liberated to balance out the rising chaos, anger, greed and violence. By better understanding the power of our evolving consciousness and how to navigate it, we can ride out the temporary chaos this accelerated energy is bringing and learn how to consciously create a world of beautiful possibilities — a world we would consciously choose. — Editor

Vywamus speaks

I would like to give you my eyes, so you can see yourself and your universe as you look to me. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a large bubble of beautiful light: white, silver, gold, or any shade you prefer. You are about ten feet in diameter and rather ovoid in shape, so perhaps fifteen feet high. If this feels too small, you’re free to make it larger.

You are this bubble — this extraordinarily light, floating being. Whenever you breathe in or out, your whole bubble expands a little bit, or contracts…

Now move your attention out to the outer edges of your bubble. Notice that at these edges there are thousands of tiny little "hairs" of energy. These are your receptors. They are exquisitely sensitive. Through them you pick up and respond to even the tiniest changes and events in your surroundings.

Now, in your imagination, turn so you can look inward from the outer edge and see your entire bubble. It’s like looking into a giant oval balloon from one end. Notice that all of this is you. As you look in you see a small, very dense area in the center. This is your body. But "you" are the entire balloon.

Begin to move toward the center of your bubble. As you move, you may note that there are different thicknesses and waves and motions of energy that come and go within the bubble. It’s as if your awareness is swimming through warm and cold currents of water.

As you get closer to the center of the bubble, you will note that the energy is thicker, denser. At a certain point going in you meet the outer skin of your body, then the heavier muscles and organs, finally the bones. Reverse direction now, and feel the muscles and organs, the skin, the energy just outside the skin, the movements and swirls of energy beyond that, and keep going on out to your other skin, the tiny hairs of energy at your outer edges….

All of this is you.

Within your limited human focus, you may think of yourself as having numinous [spiritual] energies. You may think of yourself as connected to the realms of higher energies or connected to your higher Self, but you do not think of your numinous energies as you. If, on the other hand, you broaden your focus and realize that you are your numinous energies, rather than simply having them — then you experience yourself as the Infinite Field, containing within yourself all existing and potential beings — all angels, humans, stars, planets, animals, plants, forces of nature, ascended masters, and so forth.

From this perspective, it’s easy to see how you or any individual can have an effect on the energy field of the entire planet, or even the Infinite Field itself. The learnings of some individuals can make a change in their species field, which in turn can lead to changes in the behavior of others in the species, even those far away.

In your current time and in your past history, there have always been some of you who have gone beyond or within the awareness of forms, and become fully conscious at the numinous levels. You may call them masters, awakened or enlightened beings, saints, and so on. It’s these individuals who’ve been the prototypes of what all of you will become. It’s they who have seeded the energy field of the human species with their learnings of the numinous, making these learnings more and more accessible and available to all of you. In the near future, profound changes are likely in the group energy fields of humans, of other species, and of Earth.

You can be better prepared to cooperate with and even enjoy these changes if you understand more about your own human energy field and how it’s evolving. Individual humans like yourself resonate with the overall human energy field. You receive from it, and you contribute to it with your own experiences. If enough of you make changes in yourselves, of whatever kind, the human energy field reflects those changes. Similarly, whenever the human energy field changes, you as an individual are influenced by that change.


The fact is, you are being stimulated by more and more high frequencies from the accelerated energies on Earth at this time, from guides and helpers at the levels beyond your own, from other human individuals, and from the human energy field. And whether you’re aware of it or not, when you’re in the presence of faster-moving energies in your environment or species field, your own energies speed up toward matching their level.

As the shift takes place, the average energy frequency of all matter — including your physical body — will be speeded up, as the faster-moving numinous energies in your universe entrain the lower-frequency energies. “Entrainment” is a word coined by your scientists to describe what happens when two objects vibrating at different rates are placed near each other. Let's use the example of two clocks, one ticking faster than the other. When they're placed near each other, the slower clock tends to speed up — within its own limits — to match or synchronize with the clock ticking faster. The faster clock is said to entrain” the slower one.

When you’re around other humans in whom the numinous energies are pulsing strongly, you are likely to pick up those rhythms yourself. Your own numinous levels will be stirred and energized. It can also happen when you speak to someone on the telephone, or watch a group on television, or even while you are reading this book. You can pick up numinous energy patterns and resonate with them.
Moreover, you yourself can and often do also "broadcast" numinous frequencies to others, directly in the form of energy patterns, or indirectly, through words, images, or any other form of communication your culture offers. Through this kind of resonance, those of you who are more advanced have a helpful impact on others around you. With certain highly evolved human teachers, it can sometimes happen quite dramatically. Such a teacher's own energy field may be so connected to the high frequencies of the Infinite Field that the very presence or even the thought of such a teacher can evoke striking changes in the energy fields of others around them.

Most of the progressive expansion of your consciousness, however, happens in more subtle, less dramatic ways, among all of you in your day to day contacts. Each of you plays a role in this evolutionary progression of your species. Each moment spent with someone else, each interaction between you and another, is a tiny increment that advances the evolution of human consciousness. You influence those around you. As the number of individuals who are tuned in to the numinous energies increases, so does the number of other individuals who come to resonate with you. And so on.

Many, many individuals and groups, who do not get much coverage in the news media, are working in large and small ways toward the good of humanity and of Earth. You probably know some of them personally, have heard of others, or may yourself be one. For every individual in your species who is overcome with rage or fear or hopelessness, there are many others who are actively radiating compassion, seeing and loving the good that is around them, and working to free all humans to evolve.

There are also a large number of you in between who have not yet got up the momentum to move. It is this great mass of humanity who will be helped to make the evolutionary shift toward numinous consciousness, helped by those of you who are already moving in that direction. And eventually even those in the darkest depths of rage and turmoil can be touched also and healed.


Merging with the momentum of the accelerated energy is the best, and really the only, possible way to keep your sense of balance, stability and comfort in this time of rapid speedup. You have to begin to experience yourself as not being limited to your body and your personal self, but as the very large multidimensional being that you are.

Aligning With Your Larger Self

1. Relax your body and take several deep, slow breaths. Close your eyes.
2. Now imagine you’re sitting on the lap of a great, wise being. You feel a sense of comfort, peace and love surrounding you. Turn around now, and look at this being who’s holding you. You see the strong, kind face of a being who’s looking at you with loving eyes. You realize that this being is your larger Self. Look into its eyes. Feel the arms of your larger Self around you. Feel yourself surrounded and permeated and enlivened by its loving energies. Lean back and receive these energies…
3. Now, if you’re ready, imagine that you softly melt into your larger Self. Feel your energies merge. Experience how it is to be your larger Self.

As your larger Self, you’re larger than Earth, larger than the sun, larger than the universe. You see and know all of this universe — and many others. Your perspective is vast. At the same time you hold lovingly within you the unique personal self in which you are embodied in this reality. Indeed, you hold all reality within you. In this I AM state you experience your personal self merged with your larger Self and realize the fullness of who you really are…

Much of the misunderstanding and difficulty you have in relating to other humans can be eased by bringing your connection with those people to awareness in the I AM state. The I AM level is where you’re connected to the larger Selves of all other beings. Even if someone is not physically present or is quite alienated from you, not speaking, and not willing to connect with you on the personal level, at the numinous level there are no such hindrances. Your larger Self and that of the other are always connected at the I AM level and you can always communicate there. If there’s someone you want to have a better relationship with, have a conversation at the I AM level. If you do this and remain aware of this connection, even if the other person is not aware, it will always help you, and can sometimes bring about changes in the other person and greater openness between you on the everyday personal level. With a relationship that’s already good, when one or both of you practices this kind of communion at the I AM level, it can deepen and enrich what you already have.

In the I AM state, you sense yourself as an infinitely large being. You also perceive the larger selves of everything around you —the chairs, or trees, people, birds, and so on. You play your part, the chair and the birds and the other people play theirs. Earth, too, plays its part as the grand theater for it all and as a character in its own right.

No one of you could create this scene without the cooperative collaboration of all the others. There are, at this level, certain agreements among you. The chair doesn’t step out of its role and become a dog. You don’t exchange roles or personalities with the other human characters. Earth doesn’t suddenly walk out, leaving you all with nowhere to be. At this level there is complete understanding, agreement and cooperation on who will be who, and also on how the plot may unfold. Each step, each new development of the plot, is collaborated on by all at your I AM level.

It’s at this level that every individual, from spider to star, from atom to archangel, collaborates to design and give life to the realities you live in. The creation of worlds here is a near instantaneous process. At this level there is no voting or majority rule, but a continually shifting consensus that perfectly takes into account the contributions and welfare of each individual focus in All That Is.

In the mass consciousness of All That Is, you make agreements about how fast and in which directions you evolve, what forms you create to help you or hold you back, and so forth. In your work of helping create the future of humanity and of Earth, then, this is the key place. As you begin to consciously collaborate at this level, with each other and with all other beings, you’ll exert a great collective influence on the future development of your reality. The more of you who come together at this level to consciously create the future you agree on, the more quickly that future can come into being.


>When you want and visualize a positive change for yourself and you hear dissenting voices inside, you can be sure that these usually represent, not facts, but beliefs of yours and the emotions that go with them. Even if the obstacle seems to be a very concrete and practical one — for an extreme example, "I owe people nearly a million dollars; how can I ever have abundance with all that debt?" — if you listen carefully you’ll understand that the problem isn’t so much the fact that you’re deeply in debt so much as it is your underlying limiting belief that being deeply in debt is an obstacle that you cannot possibly surmount.

Beliefs are very important in creating the reality you live in. They are thought forms, and thought forms are the very shapers of a reality. The raw primordial energy flows into these shapes, whatever they may be, and energizes them. Whatever the shape of the thought form (or belief), that will be the shape of the reality that is energized. The exact shape of the thought form is duplicated in the physical field. You can see the importance, then, of choosing which thought forms you wish to energize — and which you do not.

Think about the following story: In ancient times, two peasants were driving in their cart in the woods and came upon a gigantic tree fallen across the path. One grumbled and said, "What bad luck! How will we ever get our cart around it?” The other said, "What good luck!” dismounted, walked home and got his ax and saw, and his friends, and their axes and saws. The smaller branches of the tree made an excellent supply of firewood for them, while from the trunk and larger branches they were able to construct a shelter where they could keep all the village animals during the winter. So the apparent obstruction became an essential part of the construction of a new reality.

If you learn to think in this way, every obstacle or challenge will be, for you, a gift waiting to be opened. Your reality will indeed be changed. What used to be obstacles will be transformed, and everyday life will become an exciting and enjoyable game for you.

You must go to the numinous level of your larger Selves in order to deal with the changes that are occurring now in you and in your reality. Go to the I AM level where you yourself are infinitely large, and reach out there for that gigantic collaboration that is the mass consciousness of all beings. Bring the problem there and you will find all you need. Don’t forget that going to the I AM level will also help you personally evolve and make choices in your everyday life. Your personal evolution is your own unique work of art in collaboration with your larger Self. It is your gift to yourself, to humanity and to All That Is.

Andrea Seiver is a conscious channel for ascended master Vywamus and offers classes in channeling and spiritual development as well as private readings. For information about The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness or to contact Andrea visit or call 617-332-1541.