The Power To Heal Begins With Belief

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Astrologer Nikki Davis wrote in her January 2020 Full Moon Journal, “The Full Moon hugs our nation’s North Node in the 8th House of death, rebirth, and embracing another. She speaks our karmic destiny. Know the Other. Nurture the Other. Transform each Other — even if we want to kill each Other.”

I’ve noticed how much more frequently these days I encounter people whose views are strongly at odds with my own. In some cases these are people I have known and cared about my entire life. Whether it’s vaccines, gun control, healthcare, abortion, climate change, political candidates or any number of other sensitive issues that directly impact the course of my life, the country or even the entire world, I find myself rubbing shoulders with the Other on a daily basis — people who hold a very different vision than I do about humanity’s blueprint here on Earth. It reminds me that just as much as I believe the reality of the facts that support my beliefs and vision, they believe in the facts affirming theirs. We both own the truth.

How can this be? We develop our beliefs based on feelings, not facts. We simply choose to ignore the facts that don’t resonate with our beliefs and focus upon the facts that do. Just look at our love affair with eating meat, despite the inescapable fact that doing so creates tremendous suffering for sentient animals warehoused in our system of confined animal feeding operations (CAFO). We have created a reality where that fact is invisible so we can continue enjoying meat without feeling complicit in their torture. But we could also decide one-by-one, then thousand-by-thousand, and finally a whole cultural shift could take place where we no longer resonate with the belief in torturing animals for our food, and we stop CAFO warehousing and drastically reduce our meat consumption.

Basically, we can create any kind of culture we want to believe in by consolidating our focus and banding together to do it. Expansions in human consciousness tend to occur when pressure and passions are running high, such as they are in our polarized world today. The implications for this creative opportunity in terms of our healing potential are enormous. It is entirely possible right now to shift the majority of our healthcare needs away from the current surgery/pharmaceutical model, which is too expensive and riddled with risky side effects, to other systems of alternative medicine that are safe, affordable and powerfully effective. These holistic healing modalities are available to us now, ready and waiting to be used on those who are willing. Many are low tech, so patients can even perform treatments on themselves to speed healing and further reduce healthcare costs.

Only a sliver of understanding about the energetic mind/body healing connection has so far been studied and harnessed, yet it is likely the driver of our innate healing abilities. The brain tells the body what to do and how to feel. Dr. Kevin Chen at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine reports that cancer phobia is one of the major factors leading to cancer-related mortality, so he has developed a seven-day residential self-care retreat to help patients take back the seat of their innate healing powers by believing they can beat the disease, for starters. Visionary author and leader Marianne Williamson concurs, “We have more faith in the power of cancer to kill us than the power of our bodies to heal.”

The power to heal begins with believing it is so. All world religions and cultural myths contain stories about people given extraordinary powers to heal and accomplish heroic feats through their connection with spiritual or otherworldly beings. We are living in a time where we are all touched with healing powers collectively.

While this medicine is not magic, it is often seen as miraculous because healing occurs without the usual trappings of surgery, doctors, hospitals and prescriptions we are so accustomed to. Magic is not responsible for the fact that healing can occur without these things, and that it can even occur remotely. Healing occurs because our brains are connected to the energy matrix of universal qi and are able to receive the information needed to restore balance in the body. Happy brain, happy body. Fortunately, anyone can learn how to work with these energies to heal themselves and others.

Which is all the more reason for Massachusetts and all state governments to refrain from enacting legislation to regulate, restrict or reign in holistic practitioners at this time, just when this bud of collective healing consciousness is beginning to blossom. These practitioners have been safely operating from their homes, offices, in hospitals and other public settings for decades, providing relief and oftentimes lifesaving healing, guidance and education to those in need. The availability of holistic healthcare is vital to my health. Please click here for more information on how you can help keep freedom of access to holistic practitioners strong in Massachusetts or your own state.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher and editor of Spirit of Change Magazine

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