The Spiritual Connection to Our Pets

As we all struggle daily with our intent to be “spiritual” we could all learn a lesson or two from our canine and feline counterparts.

These animals seem to have come into this world with an understanding on such a level, that to observe them one can only be amazed by their spiritual nature. Was it taught by their parents? Was it instilled in them as youngsters handed down generation after generation, or are they simply plugged in to consciousness?

On this plane of existence, they are been instrumental in reminding us of total forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion and hope. Emotions we all know and understand but don’t apply nearly as often as we should. Unlike their human counterparts whose ego can stand in the way, these wonderful animals hold no grudges and harbor no resentments. Lessons we hear, but too often ignore. They have guided us through amazing transformations of self and have been helpful in bringing out our best qualities.

They stand as healers for the sick and for those in recovery. From children to elders they bring with them joy when they visit the infirmed, and become the lifeline for many who would otherwise be without. Whether it’s a head in a lap or a rub against a shoulder, just the touch that they openly give brings a smile and a feeling of hope and love.

The greeting that these gentle beings display toward us can change our “bad day”. The positive energy these creatures provide is the key in changing our feelings, even calming us, just by simply patting them. The universe has sent us these loyal and loving friends to help us through times of trouble, despair, unhappiness and to dispel our feelings of loneliness, giving us a bond unlike no other. Whether it be man, woman or child, young or old, these creatures touch all.

You can learn a lot just watching a person interact with animals. You’ll see beyond the exterior outwardly portrayed because the connection with these creatures resides on a deeper level. People open themselves up to their pets in a way that bypasses the human element. Get a glimpse and even that tough guy is really a cupcake.

For many, fear prevents us from being totally open, in cases halting us from moving forward. Imagine if you will for a moment what the world be like if we aspired to adopt some of these traits that we find lacking in ourselves but modeled by our pets and lived our lives in this open and loving way.

Like children in a playground, our wonderful pets teach us that life is fun and play essential to living. They encourage us every chance they get and expose us daily to the natural world around us. The simple act of walking is a gentle reminder of the natural world we reside on.

On so many levels our furry friends constantly speak to us, pointing us in a direction of betterment of ourselves. It’s no wonder we respond subliminally to the kind encouragement they provide. It is truly a blessing to communicate with them.

Our canine and feline companions have chosen to become our guardians and protect us in times of trouble. Displaying courage and fortitude, they have a simple code. Service to mankind. Silent heroes who follow us with complete trust, never needing accolades.

Be honored by their presence, thankful that they live among us and know they are the keepers of a truth fundamental to our well-being. And if we should learn just one lesson from these great masters then their task has been complete.

Diane Lewis is a Psychic, Spiritual Healer & Medium whose gift not only gives her the ability to convey insightful and accurate information for personal life readings but also gives her the ability to connect and bring forth messages from those who have crossed over. For more information visit