The Visualization Of The Sun

An Image Of A Beautiful Sunset Heart Shape Over The Ocean

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When my cousin Adam died of lung cancer, he had just begun to practice visualization. I created a guided visualization for him, which he called Therapy of the Sun, because its main focus was on the sun and its light. He told me it helped him breathe diaphragmatically, which he hadn’t been able to do in a long time, and to speak faster.

When they started filling him with morphine, he asked to listen to the visualization, which, combined with the morphine made him fall asleep more comfortably. Alas, it is not the first time that I have observed how morphine has a stronger effect when accompanied by relaxation or visualization.

If you guide a visualization, first focus on the subject of your inspiration — in my case, the sun. Be the sun. Speak as the sun, with every cell full of sun power to get as close as possible to the subject of your inspiration.

Dig deeper to discover what inspires you about the sun. What kind of story does it have to tell you? What characteristics do you want to be awakened in you? In this way, mirror neurons will be activated to gradually transform one’s mood. Leave doubts behind and speak through your heart.

Therapy Of The Sun Visualization

Find a quiet place.

Close your eyes. Focus on your breath, and inhale and exhale three times. While you are doing this, please smile a little bit.

Inhale and exhale again — in and out, like the waves of the ocean.

Focus on the energy of the sun, so powerful and bright.

Inhale and exhale the energy of the sun.

Let the sun’s golden alchemy spread in your body and your mind. You become that energy flowing through your body. Enthusiasm, courage, creativity. Trust what you feel and take care of that.

Think of someone who needs your care and love. See this person by your side. Embrace her/him and spread your energy around you both.

The energy of the fire envelopes you both in an everlasting embrace. You can even fly together to the sky, where the sun will embrace you both.

Once you have fully absorbed this energy, you can decide to come back from this journey.

Smile at that person with love and care who has journeyed with you.

Then gently, slowly open your eyes and breathe. Reconnect to the world around you, conscious of the energy flowing inside and around you. Smile and begin your activities.

Marcella Maiocchi is an author, mindfulness trainer and Laughter Yoga teacher in Milan, Italy, who writes about and teaches the art of visualization. She can be reached at or visit

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