The Way Of The Visionary



One powerful teaching I recently acquired is cultivating an orientation to life that understands we dream our world into being through what we think, the quality of our emotions, and what we say and do over and over again in our lives.

From the perspective of this tradition, dreaming the world into being is the way of the visionary — the one who understands the world is always showing us, mirroring to us, a reflection of our internal states, the integrity of our love, and our deepest intentions. What we see in the world has nothing to do with what is “out there,” and everything to do with what is “in here.”

This is the opposite of the prevailing cultural attitudes and mandates that say we have to go out there to make the changes we believe are necessary to manage and control the behavior of others for us to feel safe. Or that we have to interfere with the ways of the natural world and other sovereign nations to make them come in line with our needs and ideologies. We can see this in the technologies being created to block the sun to avert climate disaster, and the ways we believe we have a right to know other people’s health and medical choices so we feel safe, not to mention all the ways we interfere with other countries under the auspices of humanitarian involvement masking our less than agenda-free interests.

And while we might think we must go outside ourselves to fix, correct and change what we do not want, are afraid of, or feel politically challenged by lest it all come tumbling down, this may not be the wisest course of action. When our focus is projected onto what needs to change “out there,” that keeps us from dealing with the state of our own being, and how we are out of touch with what we want, or are afraid of, and why.

To have vision when it comes to making the world a better place is to first and foremost know yourself and what makes you tick. Know your fears and foibles, and recognize how you project these onto the world at large. Understand why it is you must have the world be a certain way so you can be you.

The next time you find yourself insisting that others or circumstances be a certain way, ask yourself, “Why do I need this to be so?” Repeat this question to yourself three times, giving yourself lots of space between each asking to feel into the answer. Let this question work on you in a deep way and watch how your first answer may be very different from your last one. Dedication to this one simple practice will provide you with the courage and clarity to recognize that everything you want in the world begins with changing the only thing in life you have dominion over — yourself.

Susan McNamara is a woman who cares deeply about how we are living and how it is that we treat ourselves, each other, and the planet. She is the founder of The Healer Within: A Unique Online Health & Healing Community for Women and the author of the book, Trusting Your Body: The Embodied Journey of Claiming Sacred Responsibility for Your Health & Well-Being. Visit

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