Time To Detox

The past two weeks I’ve had more than a few clients tell me that they are starting a detoxification regiment. Well, it is that time of year!

Getting the feel for what kind of detox is right for your body can be a challenge. I’ve shared a few of my tried and true recipes below that you can incorporate into any detox diet. Be sure to read the other tips here as well.

Detoxification Tea

1 part echinacea root
1 part yarrow
1 part red clover blossoms
1/2 part dandelion root
1/2 part peppermint
1/4 part parsley

Mix herbs well. Infuse 1 tablespoon of tea in 1 cup hot water for 10-15 minutes. Drink 5-7 cups for 7-10 days.

Spring Master Cleanser

2 tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juices
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
8 ounces filtered water

Mix and drink 8-12 glasses a day. This tastes way better than it sounds!

Autumn Rejuvenation Ration

3 cups filtered water
1 tablespoon ginger root, chopped
1-2 tablespoons miso paste
1-2 stalks green onion, chopped
cilantro to taste, chopped
1-2 pinches cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons olive oil
juice of 1/ 2 lemon

Boil water. Add ginger root. Simmer 10 minutes. Stir in miso paste to taste. Turn off heat. Then add green onion, cilantro, cayenne, olive oil, and lemon juice. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Of course incorporating fresh greens and fresh fruits this time of year is a great choice too. Just focusing on fruits and greens, the springtime master cleanser, and detox tea is a great plan to follow for many of us.

Figure out what will realistically work best for you, and start planning your menu. And don't forget to include some yoga in your week to support you through the cleanse.

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