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[The content of this article is a speech Terry Ross gave to the British Society of Dowsers twenty years ago. Donna Kuras, a lifetime ASD member and current Chairperson of the Greeting Committee, knew Terry Ross and requested this be included in this edition of the Digest in honor of a book about Terry Ross to be published soon. This is a Reprint from the British Society of Dowsers’ Journal from September 5, 1993.]

“Judgement by Result”, that excellent sieve of the dowsing mix, I first heard when your President (British Society of Dowsers) visited us in Danville, Vermont, in 1975. It has been the silent umpire for many a hard-played game of dowsing and helped ground and discipline dowsers on both sides of the Atlantic for many years; but today, having learned our trade and produced the results over and over again, we face a new challenge to describe what we do and how we do it, so that what we call dowsing can make its mark in a larger world than our own.

This must be the next step if dowsing is to emerge from the status of backyard hobby and live up to its promise as a means of enlightenment between people everywhere. The wonders already produced by dowsing, both justify and underscore such a proposition.

In short, dowsing itself is no longer the problem. It’s relevance to those we dowse for, indeed to the world we live in, is the issue; and that calls for a model of what we do and how we do it, a model the conventional mind can adjust to and ultimately accept, to the end that the scientist as well as the man in the street will awaken to the infinite possibilities of dowsing.

To create such a model we must take into account how totally new the subject is to the general public and, secondly, that as dowsers we are dealing with forces only we can find and evaluate. There is as yet no instrumentation that will confirm map dowsing, let alone information dowsing, or action at a distance achieved by mind and mind alone. This means such difficulty with nomenclature that we may have to invent our own. “Resonance”, for instance, means one thing to a physicist, another to a dowser. This is no excuse, however, for avoiding the challenge of attempting to describe what we continually do and how we do it. Such a model also calls for liberal use of anecdotes and posteriori reasoning to support it and account for the results it achieves. I would add that complete confidence in our position is another requisite without, however, any specific assault on conventional views. The process is not without risk, but if we are to share the discoveries we are making in the worlds beyond the atom, and become accountable for them, it is a risk we ought to accept.

I would begin by outlining the various steps or stages of progression in dowsing that experience has shown lie open to us. The total is a convenient seven. First, there is on-site dowsing, with the dowser on foot-patrol, and his rod or pendulum held in the ‘search’ mode. Second, there is medium-distance dowsing by scanning up to the horizon from a fixed position. Third, there is dowsing beyond the horizon or, as it’s commonly known, map dowsing. Fourth, having already banished the barriers of time and space, there is the quite natural and logical extension of the art to information dowsing by which such queries as Who? When? Where? How? and What of it? are answered. Fifth, and here we begin to add doing at a distance to knowing at a distance, is the wondrous category of cooperation with nature. Sixth, in an even more significant step, cooperation becomes co-creation with nature and healing has been added to the dowser’s repertoire. Finally, it appears that dowsing can lead us to a seventh state in which, if only momentarily, we can attain a unity with creative purpose that may best be described as ‘reflexive’ and devoid of material considerations, but more of this later.

Like rungs on a sort of Jacob’s Ladder of dowsing these categories of the art are clearly defined and accurate markers, and can tell us where we are on the dowsing journey. None of us will forget the excitement at tramping over a friend’s property on our first hunt for some badly needed water, nor the wonder when a satisfactory well was located in a field that we had not entered, nor the thrill of pinpointing a tiny bunch of keys lost in an unseen parking area. Commonplace to the dowser today, such experiences are bewildering to the ordinary citizen; yet how much more dazzling is the fourth stage of the dowser’s progression, information dowsing!

With the Board Member and President of a large research foundation, the dowser met to review a hiring program. On a scale of 0 to 10, each of sixteen candidates was measured for (a) ethical standards, (b) scientific skills, (c) congeniality and (d) competence in promulgating papers on their specialties. It was pure information dowsing, with nothing more to go on than the scientist’s initials and addresses in the United States. The short list, as you can see, was made up of those with the highest aggregate of numbers, and in the event agreed so well with those selections already made by the President that he was compelled to acknowledge time and money could have been saved by this half-hour mind search, a friendly admission borne out and confirmed by the long history of information dowsing.

Recognized more than ever thanks to better documentation is a fifth stage of dowsing in which the practitioner has earned the cooperation of nature. Homely illustrations of it are perhaps the most telling. During a conference on mind and matter in the western section of the United States, during a lunch break, the owner of a house in Temple, Pennsylvania, in the eastern part of the country some 2000 miles distant, spoke of a well that had begun to produce a mixture of water and gasoline. It had become dangerous as well as unpalatable and was shut off from the house. After a few questions and a sketch drawn on a paper napkin, it was clear that two veins formed a Y on their way to the well, and that in the course of its flow one arm of the Y was picking up all the pollution. Fortunately, it was the vein with the least volume.

Amid the clatter of the dining hall, the dowser made a straightforward request that if it was in creative order the offend- ing flow be prevented from joining its companion and henceforth strike out on a different course, that the diversion be harmless to others, and that this new arrangement be permanent. It amounted to a brief conversation, 30 seconds at most, yet on the owner’s return to her home in Pennsylvania, the water coming from the well proved to be free of the taste of gasoline, and in a subsequent and more thoroughgoing test by the authorities was certified to be free of any contamination and fit for drinking.

There is fairly wide acceptance of such practice among dowsers, but little or no awareness at popular or governmental levels where it could be so easily and profitably put to work. Very large flows have been moved within the earth to avoid flooding and to enrich scarce industrial supplies. I have seen no downside risk if the rules of ordinary consideration and common sense are obeyed.

Even more exciting is the sixth level of the dowser’s progression, where cooperation with nature becomes co-creation, and healing is achieved. There are hundreds, no thousands of cases that pass the test of ‘judgement by result’. Not all are of humans and I choose to present the case of an animal because of the exhaustive tests made before the dog’s treatment by dowsing and after his recovery. Caesar’s owner, or person as some pet lovers prefer, is a well-trained scientist and went to some trouble to pin down the facts of the matter for her own satisfaction. I also like the case because it instructs us in the possibilities of contact with the non-human psyche.

Caesar is a nondescript fellow, more Labrador than anything else. When his situation was referred by phone to the dowser he had been diagnosed as suffering from advanced kidney disease, with the admonition from the vet that he be put down to avoid a lingering and painful death. Rather than accede to this mournful suggestion, his devoted person implored the dowser for help.

In rapid sequence, a regime was implemented that depended on an easy familiarity with every one of the five stages of dowsing we have mentioned. Contact was made from a distance with each of two veterinary hospitals where Caesar had been taken for examination and testing. Water flows beneath both buildings were neutralized, and the spectral animals that so often inhabit such places were escorted to those planes whence they could go forward in their development and no longer affect Caesar’s biosystem. In short, they were exorcised.

The same distant screening and clearing was performed at Caesar’s home and in the area of his daily walks, and all memories of such environmental attack were wiped from his consciousness. Finally, direct contact was made with Caesar at a point in the outer aura where a two-way exchange is possible. Loving greetings were followed by the firm suggestion that he release all destructive influences from his etheric and physical bodies, and that he embrace his “Caesar-ness”, that is the unique and etheric wave-form that is the essence of his being and responsible for his welfare. At the end, the strong suggestion was made that he and those looking after him be guided by what was truly good for him under creative or, if you like, divine order. The upshot was Caesar’s complete recovery and sustained good health to this day, four years later—a fact that was met with wonder by the vet who was once more paid to go through the same extensive testing that he had done in the beginning, only to find, this time, a perfectly healthy dog. We can imagine the satis- faction of Caesar’s person, the Director of Frontier Sciences at a large university, whose companion had been returned to her and who had made a point about alternative means for all to see.

The log of this case, No. 1565, reflects in detail the healing regime that made this possible, that is the subject matter of this paper, and that is applied to humans as well as animals with only slight variations. The entry date is 27 June 1989. The patient, Caesar, is described as a 40 pound mixed breed of black Lab, 8 years old. Under ‘symptoms’ he is noted as being weak and dispirited, with a fever of 99 degrees, and suffering from abnormal urination. His ‘diagnosis’, according to the vet, is “toxic, with failing kidneys”. He has been examined at Plymouth Meeting Animal Hospital, and is currently at Norristown Animal Hospital, where his case is said to be terminal, with the recommendation that he be put down to prevent a lingering and painful death.

Entries in the format for “May I?’ (Does this attempt con- form to universal will?) “Can I?” (Am I up to it?) and “Should I?” (Is this the correct moment?) have been checked by the dowser, and Caesar’s life force is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 10 at a hopeful 5-plus. His chromosomes are found to be dysfunctional at three locations, 4 genes to be turned on at the first, 6 at the second, and the genes to be re-ordered at the third.

Sites of geopathogenic stress and other encroachments were located, including two noxious water veins and a spectral dog, during his daily walk, and two veins and two spectral animals at the Plymouth Meeting Hospital. The zones were neutralized as far as Caesar was concerned, and rendered unattractive to wandering spirits in the future, the spectral animals being escorted to those planes whence they may go forward under creative plan and not return.

Mental contact was then made at the recognition point in the outer ring of Caesar’s etheric body. Loving greetings were extended to him, with the strong suggestion he embrace his “Caesar-ness” – his unique identity in the form of his “life-force wave” – his signature wave. It was explained t him that all destabiliz- ing interference had been removed and the request made that the hearts, minds, and hands of those entrusted with his welfare be energized for his greatest good, and that he be aware of the result- ing shift in consciousness.

A re-check of the measurements previously made revealed the chromosomes were now in good order and that his health on the scale of 0 to 10 was now a normal “9”.

On 28 September, B.R. phoned to say the vet had reported the dog was better. The dowser re-checked Caesar’s numbers and found everything holding. On 10 October another check revealed the life-signs were slightly down. Brief contact was established. The signal returned to “9”.

On 31 October, B.R. called again to say Caesar was fine, that there was less urine, darker in color, that he was putting on weight, and that his usual energy had returned. She had made an appointment with the vet for a confirmatory blood test. He was “impressed”.

On 12 December at B.R.’s Christmas party, in a room full of people, Caesar singled out the dowser, rose on his hind legs, placed his paws on the dowser’s belly, and wagged his tail. (“No, Caesar, THANK YOU!) The record is of course replete with instances of human recovery from every kind of acute and chronic disease –glioblastoma, lymphoma, crippling arthritis, allergies, emotional distress, the lot; but I choose Caesar’s case because it is airtight, as op- posed to so many human cases with intervening medical treatment, and demonstrates that superconscious contact is possible with an animal.

The super-conscious contact presumes superpower, or any special attribute or quality, has no place in this theme. Of his abil- ity to heal, a tribal doctor simply remarked: “My psychic power is strong enough to cause others to believe in themselves.” Letters from clients confirm this statement by an Australian shaman (1). It is one’s own primordial energy that ultimately brings about the desired change, and the healer, to carry out the aboriginal meta- phor, simply awakens an awareness of the Rainbow Serpent that dwells in and is available to all of us.

It is always difficult to verify improvement without taking into account the benefit of medical treatment. There are clear cut cases, however, witness a phone call received in August, 1992, from a 49 year old woman to the effect that no cervical cancer cells could be found by the doctors at a prestigious hospital in Massachusetts approximately two weeks after their presence was confirmed by the initial examination. The second visit had been arranged to decide on a course of treatment. The first slide had shown cancer, the two others made a fortnight later showed no cancer. The attending physicians were completely at a loss to account for the situation. One doctor was heard to remark: “I could always call a duck a duck, but this is a duck of a different color.”

In a humbler but just as disabling case in the state of Georgia, a 66 year old locksmith, whose painful knees were interfering with him during the constant stooping and climbing that was a part of his work, wrote: “The day before your letter of June 3rd arrived I had a locksmith job in the computer control room at a local plant. Two flights of steps and a landing, 24 steps in all. I made this trip several times, no pain.” He said that he had had no other treatment. Then he added: “If you have any influence on business ventures, my partner and I could stand a lot of walk-in trade for our new shop.”

Especially to the point in demonstrating the range of the regime, as well as its subtlety in responding to emotional problems, is the letter from a 54 year old woman in North Carolina, divorced and alone, unhappily employed at temporary work, and altogether without focus or conviction about her life. “I spent some time reading through my old journals,” she wrote, “looking for the years you indicated in your letter. You were exactly right – they were the worst times in my life, marking permanent scars. As I recalled them in sequence an awakening developed and I was able to look objectively at my present for the first time. It’s been a blessed help and catharsis, as I’ve cried through these past ten days without the usual bitterness or fear, but with acceptance and forgiveness (the beginnings at least!)… I feel a significant switch from self-absorbed thinking to self-discipline and responsibility – very scary indeed after 54 years of fantasy, but empowering too.” No it doesn’t take super-power to put the super-conscious to work.

Speaking of the super-conscious, I do believe in the sev- enth stage of the dowser’s progression that was mentioned earlier. I would call this the ‘reflexive relationship with creative order during which, however briefly, we may live in harmony with universal intent. But I know little about that, as another name for it would very likely be sainthood.

If these several anecdotes have got you to thinking there must be certain conditions and precautions in dealing so directly and efficiently with the forces behind such results, there are, and I can list them. The first precaution as previously indicated is “May I proceed?” – that is, is it in creative order to do so? The second is “Can I proceed?” – which is to say, am I up to it? Third is “Should I proceed?” – that is, is this the moment? It also goes without saying that direct and conscious permission from the healee, or of someone responsible for the healee, must be a primary consideration. Finally, the degree of personal awareness and development must be at a satisfactory pitch for the effort to succeed. Information dowsing determines this without undue invasion of privacy once the conscious request has been received.

I would submit that despite the completely intangible and mental aspect of this healing procedure, it follows a pattern and supposes certain laws. That they are unfamiliar to one’s conventional friends does not diminish the fact of their reality to the dowser. The pattern is based on a concept of four interconnected fields or realms of existence. Our three auric rings combined with the physical body reflect this quadripartite chain of being, which is everywhere in the universe, forming and controlling everything from an atom to a galaxy. It is the cosmic code, a double spiral that dowsers can find hovering over an ancient altar stone or governing and giving life to the human genome and the DNA. It is our birthright that we have the power to interface and interact with it and can join it in its enduring dance of creation, dowse with it, and heal with it.

The subtle anatomy has been the subject of medical re- search on both sides of the Atlantic for at least sixty years, through the discoveries by the Englishman, Dr. W. Guyon Richards, of the separate but interpenetrating electro-dynamic fields that surround the body (2), and the outstanding and scientifically acceptable work by the American, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr (3), have been almost entirely ignored, doubtless because of the revision that would otherwise be required by the scientific and medical communities. The dowser can confirm the nature and extent of these fields and, further, can document their varying behavior under conditions of health and disease.

In their normal states, the first of the three major etheric bands that encircle the gross body extends 8 inches from every point on its surface, the second 13 inches, and the third to the finger-tips of the outstretched hand and arm. Interdependent and interacting, and increasing in ‘density’, for want of a better word, toward the surface of the physical body, they appear to control and give it health or disease. Cancer, for example, can be dowsed in the first of the rings long before it becomes a clinical diagnosis; and it can be cured there. If we give them working names such as spiritual to the outer field, causal or mental to the intermediate surround, and astral or emotional to the inner ring, we can surmise what takes place within them. The outer world contain all that we have ever been and influences the next field, the causal, in which our responses to the events of our life are generated, and which in turn begin to form experience on the astral or emotional level that directly influences, via the connectors or chakras, the physical condition. The subtle body, I am saying, is the matrix of the gross or physical body, and it should and will eventually be studied as such.

Research is afoot to determine electronically the charac- teristic frequencies of disease lodged in human tissue and by the same means neutralize it, or otherwise render it ineffective at the physical, or quasi-physical level. How much more efficient if the effect could be accomplished by thought and thought alone, that is by dowsing, on the astral and causal levels before it emerges in the physical system. This to me is the meaning and thrust of 21st Century Medicine.

Consider once more the dowser’s progression – on-site, up-to-the-horizon, over-the-horizon, information dowsing, cooperating-with-nature, and co-creation with nature. For the dowser who is at home on this scale of activity, is it not a simple matter, with permission of course, to search the astral field for confusion and disorder? And when it has been located and defined, to reorder it? And, with an eye to recurrence in the future, suggest to a receptive point in the causal field that the personal will and intent that governs our life be revised?

Each of these steps are logical extensions of the dowser’s hard won and proven ability to map dowse, information dowse, and divert water flows at a distance. Nothing is missing in the attempt except the knowledge that it is a parallelism that can be added safely and successfully to the dowser’s repertoire. Having logged thousands of cases served by this regime, I am of the growing opinion that the recovery and healing of an individual, as wonderful as it sometimes seems, must give way in importance to the meaning behind it. The constant form of four double helices associated with on another in a descending order of speed and density from an origin in unmanifest energy to a nodal point that is the electron may be a startling concept, but it is not new. In the last century that practical man of science, Lord Kelvin, advanced a vortex theory to explain the existence of the atom (4); but the concept was already born in the mists of time. “According to the Caballa”, writes Jill Purce in “The Mystic spiral” (5), “the universe becomes manifest through the materialization of four progressively dense worlds.” It is put more succinctly by Lao Tsu in the Tao Te Ching, in Chapter 42: “The Tao begot one, one begot two, two begot three. And three begot the ten thou- sand things”(6). Closer to home, Galen, the Roman physician, wrote of Hippocrates “as the first who took in hand to demon- strate that there are, in all, four mutually interacting qualities, and that to the operation of them is due the genesis and destruction of all things that come into and pass out of being. He was also the first to recognize that all these qualities undergo an intimate mingling with one another.”(7) I suggest, therefore, that the real thrust of dowsing and healing is the fact that we can move within this universal series and, under certain conditions of acceptance and faith that it exists, operate within it. It follows that if there is a single wave form that unites everything in nature, differing only in size and rate of spin, we then have the power, with our own wave-form generated from the area of the mid-brow, to resonate with any other to the point of identifying with it, knowing it, interacting with it, and co-creating with it in a 21st century definition of ongoing love.

In closing, I would further suggest that such power is dynamic and once discovered does not easily remain static or confined. If we can see into the heart of nature we must see it crying out for acknowledgement. On every level, human and otherwise, it calls for companionship and affection, and this, in the context of the workaday world, I believe, we must display as best we can.

There is no risk if we mind our manners and do not force the issue, or encroach upon another’s freedom. The underlying need is everywhere present. The earth herself is hurt and reacting and her children are confused. There are alarms as coming events cast their shadows before; but the power that is knowledge, including foreknowledge, will direct us and comfort us and bring us safely to the haven that is ours.


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