Understanding Trauma To Release It

If we want to have any control over our lives we need to collaborate with and heal our unconscious mind.

Trauma Release

Trauma can be defined as an emotional reaction to a disturbing or terrible experience such as loss of a loved one, rape, an accident, natural disaster, or other disturbing event that activates our fight or flight reflex. Immediately following a traumatic event, we usually experience a feeling of shock followed by denial.

Trauma goes by many different names — abandonment, neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, bullying, mental abuse, discrimination, etc. Trauma can be acute (comes on suddenly and requires urgent attention) or chronic (an energetic build-up of mental, emotional or physical damage patterns that eventually spill over the threshold). Both types of trauma can produce feelings of  loss, emptiness, and hollowness inside, or the feeling that your boundaries have been perforated and violated. Some trauma imprint as both loss and violence trauma at the same time.

Often, we find ourselves flooded with an onslaught of emotions as we desperately attempt to consciously process trauma. We might ask questions like: Could I have done something to prevent this from happening? Is there something I missed that could have changed the outcome? Am I to blame? This constant barrage of emotions takes our minds to places of irrational and exaggerated thoughts, causing unconscious activation of our fight, flight, freeze response.

Additionally, anything in the environment at the time our fight, flight, freeze response is activated becomes linked to the traumatic memory. Essentially, all our triggers have now become a part of the trauma — a traumatic imprint. Subsequently, each time we think about the trauma or encounter a trigger, we experience a body flashback, which takes us back to the original memory and reactivates our fight, flight, freeze response.

This causes us to have volatile emotional reactions to life events we could have easily coped with before the trauma. Because of this, many people have difficulty moving on with their lives, making the effects of the trauma long-lasting. These unstable emotional reactions can cause mental, emotional, and even physical symptoms.

Trauma And Your Emotions

Trapped negative emotions from traumas can cause physical illnesses, addictions, and other debilitating reactions and behaviors. When we are bombarded each day with fresh reminders of the trauma, it can cause us to kick into survival mode and sometimes stay there. This constant flow of adrenaline keeps our bodies stressed. When a body is stressed, it stops functioning at its optimum level. Essentially, trauma can be looked at as the root of 95% our problems.

Because the emotional pain from trauma can be intolerable, many turn to drugs, alcohol, or some other outlet to numb the pain. While this may seem to provide some temporary relief, it certainly does not eliminate the problem, and in most cases creates additional ones. This kind of pain also drives many to contemplate, attempt, and of course, succeed at taking their own lives, just to escape the unbearable cycle of pain. Others who might be afraid to let go of a trauma for one reason or the other become resigned to live a life of despair and emotional turmoil.

Levels In Clearing Trauma Imprint

Fortunately, trauma and its damaging effects can be cleared from our bodies because it has a predictable structure. There are many simple reproducible protocols and techniques for healing trauma and eliminating traumatic imprints from the body that will neutralize its fight or flight activation reflex loop. To get lasting effects, we need to access all levels of information from our conscious, unconscious, energetic and physical existence.

Subtle (Energetic) Body. When your father’s sperm fertilized your mother’s egg, the fusion created a new vibration, a life that is uniquely you. If we didn’t have a physical body in which our consciousness reside, how else would we be able to make a difference in the material plane? For us to have been born, our energy must become tangible or material by using its programed intelligence to create a physical body.

Physical Body. The body starts to form. Though it appears physical, at its core, the body is energetic. Our bodies are the physical manifestation of our energetic encoding. Without that original pulse it ceases to exist. Without our physical bodies we cannot reproduce.

Unconscious Mind. Our imagination, memory, creativity, mental images and all our emotions are stored here. Unlike our literal conscious mind, the unconscious links together pictures, sounds, emotions, tastes, smells, and feelings. In addition to making associations, it expands meaning and perception.

Conscious Mind. The conscious mind is very literal, and although it can reason it relies heavily on information stored in the unconscious mind.

The deepest and most sustainable way to effect lasting changes in all aspects of your life is to communicate directly with your innate intelligence, the intelligence that sparked when your mom’s egg welcomed your dad’s sperm. This intelligence is what I like to call control central, which is then disseminated to all other levels of intelligence — mental, emotional and physical.

Psychologists estimate the unconscious mind runs 90% of our behavior. This is everything we say and do. Many people identify with their conscious mind and the conscious thought process, yet most of the struggles and self-sabotage we deal with are due to damage in our unconscious mind, and not some problem with our conscious intelligence. If we want to have any control over our lives we need to collaborate with and heal our unconscious mind.

Emotions Are Energy We Can Feel And Release

When trauma imprints, we experience irrational thoughts. Those irrational thoughts and the feelings they produce lodge in the body, and need to be released in order to clear the traumatic imprint. Since the unconscious houses our emotions, we start the work by consciously establishing clear communication with our unconscious minds.

Emotions are energy we can feel; it’s why they are called feelings. They contain a stronger charge than thoughts, and therefore can be a more powerful influence over our behavior and recovery from trauma.

The good news is that like everything else in this world, trauma is energetic in structure, and energy can be transformed from one state to another, like water to ice or steam. Understanding trauma on an energetic level gives us great insight on how to identify its different layers in action in our lives and the lives of others.

Since emotions are energetic frequencies or sensations felt in the body, they can be accessed and released. In doing so, we are able to energetically deconstruct trauma and free our bodies of its negative side effects, restoring ourselves to our original healthy blueprint, and liberating ourselves to endless possibilities.

Healing Trauma Via Sound

This release occurs naturally in our bodies through the bilateral brain stimulation of everyday activities such as walking and running that alternate right and left, inducing healing states of relaxation, which are also beneficial to the immune system. This stimulation can also be consciously induced by specific sound frequencies known as binaural beats, which are created by listening to a different frequency in each ear using headphones.

As long as the two tones are less than 30Hz apart, your brain responds by synchronizing and creating a third tone, called a binaural beat, reflecting the difference between the two. In the low range below 30Hz, this rhythmic frequency is the brain wave pattern associated with healing and meditative states. With repeated listening to the binaural beat, the brain becomes entrained to this healing frequency, altering brain wave activity. This physiological response allows insight, relaxation and the release of traumatic imprinting to occur. Other benefits of binaural beat entrainment include better sleep, reduced anxiety, enhanced creativity and intuition.

Fyonna McKenzie is a Master Level HBLU practitioner with training in SimplyAlign, NLP and other healing modalities. She helps clients rapidly process years of emotional turmoil in a short period of time through her keen intuition and the use of tailored guided energy release sound technology based on binaural beats. Learn more at awellthyyou.com or tap to call 1-877-Wellthy.