Unlocking True Success: The Power Of Spiritual Transformation

Focusing on elevating our consciousness and inner growth, we inevitably witness a transformation in our external reality.


Consider two different approaches when life throws you a curve ball, and ask yourself the question: “What is the next logical thing I should do?” The first step is doing something physical in order to manifest the result you want: analyze all the factors, draw lists of all the pros and cons, and discuss it with other people to gain their advice.

There is a time and place for this approach, but sometimes it is not very effective in helping you to face your challenge. There are situations that carry no easy, obvious, logical solutions. In these circumstances, the challenge requires you to move out of your comfort zone, because the way you solved things in the past is not sufficient anymore.

Another approach is to draw water from the well. From this perspective, the assumption is there is a deep well of wisdom and knowledge within you, and much of what is needed to face your challenge is already there. It is a matter of drawing it out.

In a world driven by materialistic pursuits, it’s easy to associate success with possessions. Purchasing a new car or house can bring temporary satisfaction, but it’s not their job to bring you lasting happiness. True success goes beyond material wealth and external achievements. From a spiritual perspective, the key to success lies in transforming our mindset and aligning ourselves with higher consciousness.

This does not mean living a life devoid of material comforts, but rather emphasizes true success stems from a change in our perspective. By cultivating a higher level of consciousness, we can reduce the struggles and challenges we face in our pursuit of material desires. The fundamental laws of life assert spiritual transformation precedes material change; it is the spirit that manifests the material, not the other way around. Therefore, by focusing on elevating our consciousness and inner growth, we inevitably witness a transformation in our external reality.

However, still many individuals are firmly convinced their body and mind and material things are all that truly matter, perceiving little beyond them. While such a belief is not inherently wrong, it presents a limited viewpoint asserting the existence of only that which can be seen and touched with physical senses. As we expand our consciousness, acquire knowledge, and develop our spiritual senses, we begin to comprehend there is so much more than we initially believed.

From a spiritual perspective, we are comprised of four layers of light: the soul, spirit, mind, and the physical body. Picture it as residing within a four-story building. If one remains confined to the basement and never ventures outside, they may spend their entire life convinced the basement is the extent of their existence. They may encounter others in the basement who share the same belief. However, should they one day venture beyond the basement, they would come to realize the building also possesses a rooftop, offering a completely different perspective.

When it comes to seeking spiritual growth, restricting ourselves to our rational and logical mind proves to be limiting. Instead, by forging a connection with our inner voice, sometimes referred to as the soul, we can delve into profound wisdom surpassing the boundaries of analytical thinking. This signifies a transition from residing solely in the dark basement to ascending to the rooftop, where we can witness the expansive landscape stretching out before us.

The Meaning Of Success

However, we often allow external circumstances to shape our thoughts and perspectives about success. Many believe the world around us determines our reality, but in truth, it is our thoughts that create our experiences. Before carpenters build a chair, they conceive the idea of a seating solution, design a plan, and then commence the construction.

Many phenomena we witness today are products of thoughts conceived in the past. When we allow external factors to influence our worldview, we unwittingly permit past incidents to impact us. Consequently, you may believe the balance in your bank account affects your well-being, when, in reality, it is the opposite. Your thoughts and emotions regarding abundance and money manifest the numbers you see when you access your account. Understanding the power of your thoughts and emotions empowers you to triumph in any situation. Therefore, it becomes crucial to cultivate awareness of your thoughts and emotions, as this not only enhances the likelihood of facilitating personal transformation but also attaining your desires.

If we go deeper, at a spiritual level, when we exit this world, we leave behind our body, house, and car. They have no meaning anymore. Whatever is left is our etheric existence, which some call soul. The soul isn’t bound to Earthly laws. It sees all — from where you are to where you want to be. Everything about you and everything about the ones that may relate to you is known by your soul and their souls. Your souls are vibrationally intertwined with each other through infinity.

For the soul, success is measured by the ability to transform darkness into light, so when you shift your mindset and transmute fear into love, anger into compassion, sadness into happiness, concealing into revealing, and low self-value into confidence, then your soul rejoices. This change, at a spiritual level, is part of the reason why we willingly embark on this journey of life incarnating on Earth. What truly matters to your soul when it exits the material world is how much love you were able to embrace through your life experience and how deeply you were able to express compassion

From Disconnection To Fulfillment

While we all desire to reach the mountaintop where we can breathe in the fresh air of the ultimate view, many people miss numerous opportunities of this perspective for personal transformation, and instead find themselves disconnected from a sense of who they really are. Children can fail to fully embrace their childhood as they yearn to be adults. Meanwhile, adults squander valuable time by engaging in fruitless competition, constantly comparing themselves to others and passing judgment on those who possess more or less than they do. Instead of recognizing their distinct talents and abilities, many people find themselves caught up in a cycle of pursuing financial stability and a successful career, effectively living in survival mode. Consequently, they fail to tap into their boundless knowledge and infinite creativity.

There are no shortcuts on our way to the mountaintop of true success. On this journey, we may all be in different stations and consciousness levels. Some people may climb faster than others, some make their way in circles, and some refuse to climb. However, if you want to get on the fast track to success, first make a way to your inner treasure, where your soul exists, and learn how to communicate with it. The voice of your soul is your inner being, which some call intuition.

The key to reaching the inner being is by turning your eyes inward to listen and learn how to speak its language. The source of this absolute truth will lead you to success.

Dalia Olshvang, PhD, MBA, is a senior teacher and practitioner of Hibur le Muda’ut AL spiritual teachings (channeled by Laila Barzeski), which in Hebrew means “unifying life-enhancing knowledge from the human spirit rather than the logos.” Dalia is the author of The Art of Self Value — A Transformative Workbook,, and a trained crisis hotline facilitator. For additional reading visit www.soulawakeningco.com.

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