Unsticking What’s Stuck: Using Generative And Degenerative Forces

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Years ago, my youngest son was desperately trying to figure out his slider. That’s a particular type of baseball pitch that’s quite the sneaky one. Basically, it breaks sharply, and is darn hard for a batter to hit.

It wasn’t going so well. And so, Gabe was sitting on the couch.

“Why don’t you head out to practice?” I asked.

“Because I’m stuck,” he responded. “What’s the point of moving if nothing budges?”

We’ve all been there—and we’ll return to Gabe’s story at the end of this article. Maybe we’ve been stuck emotionally, such as happens when depression or anxiety endlessly recycles. Perhaps we’ve been felled by the hassling of repetitive mental chatter or cravings that never cool down.

Maybe we’ve been the bridesmaid never the bride when it comes to getting a raise or worse, afflicted with a chronic pain or a serious illness. The good news is that there is a little understood reason that some issues are like fly paper, no matter how we try and muscle through them.

I’ve found that many problems are anchored in place by polarity forces, powerful energies that are either supportive or destructive. If a growth-oriented or generative force is attached to something like a tumor, negative thought, or bad habit, there is no way we’ll gain ground. If a draining or degenerative force is linked to our immune system, positive belief, or self-esteem, we might ceaselessly push but never get anywhere.

Polarity forces may be the key to problems, but they are also key healing tools. They are usually centered in a chakra, but can also be attached to physical organs, systems, or cells, or to auric fields. They can attach to sources either helpful or harmful, and even to invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi, as well as the group consciousness controlling some of these organisms.

Polarity forces can also attach to feelings. These feeling energies will magnetize to the helpful or harmful feelings in the body. They can also connect to helpful feelings to enhance any healing process.

In general, generative polarity forces increase the function and capabilities of the energy body using them, while degenerative polarity forces inhibit the function and capabilities of the energy body attached. However, don’t assume that all generative forces are good, and all degenerative ones are bad.

For instance, a generative force can link with cancer cells and spread them throughout the body. Often, we unconsciously connect the generative to feelings like shame, which then extends the shame until it plugs entry points for needed healing energies. But imagine what happens when you connect a degenerative polarity force to cancer or a fungus infection! Both generative and degenerative polarity forces must be seen as instruments of both harm and healing.

Following are examples of both generative and degenerative polarity forces.

Generative Degenerative
Acceptance Rejection
Agreeable Disagreeable
Attractive Dismissive
Aware Unconscious
Balanced Imbalanced
Believing Disbelieving
Carefree Careful
Cheerful Sober
Confident Insecure
Conscious Unaware
Defending Attacking
Devoted Unconcerned
Energetic Contained
Erotic Asexual
Excellent Sufficient
Fertile Sterile
Gentle Rough
Helpful Harmful
Humorous Serious
Inviting Rejecting
Liberating Restricting
Learning Unlearning
Natural Unnatural
Noticeable Invisible
Open Closed
Orderly Disorderly
Mundane Inspirational
Patient Impatient
Peaceful Agitated
Suitable Inapt
Tender Violent
Timeless Measured
Unifying Dividing
Valuing Devaluing
Warm Cold

How might you interact with polarity forces? Use your intuition and connect with your own inner spirit or spirit allies and try the following:

  1. While meditating, take a few deep breaths and request that your own spirit, spirit allies, or your higher power use your intuition to reveal the degenerative and generative forces that are making you stuck. When you have a sense of this, request to have these forces shifted or moved so you can get on with your life.
  2. Every morning, program a generative polarity force with supportive positive energies while taking your morning shower. Know that as the physical water washes over you, you are cleansed and enthused for your day.
  3. Every evening, program a degenerative polarity force to cleanse you of all energies that aren’t your own. Program this force to automatically detach as soon as you are purified.
  4. If you’re about to go into a difficult situation, such as a family function at which everyone dislikes you, ask that both generative and degenerative forces wrap around you and strengthen your natural personality, while wiping away others’ judgments and beliefs.
  5. Attach degenerative polarity forces to feelings and beliefs that are not your own and allow them to be sent away.
  6. Attach generative polarity forces to feelings and beliefs that you want to strengthen and so increase their intensity.

And back to Gabe for a second. A few days after his downer, I went to the field with him. I helped him focus on his shoulder when he was attempting the slider. Basically, a Disorderly degenerative force had been stuck in his shoulder, distorting his mechanics. Because of this, his slider went awry. We shifted the polarity forces by adding an Orderly generative force and cleaned up his pitch. Now for years since that moment his slider has been one of his best pitches.

From “Advanced Chakra Healing” by Cyndi Dale. © 2021 by Cyndi Dale. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. www.Llewellyn.com.

Cyndi Dale is the author of nearly 30 internationally renowned energy medicine books including Advanced Chakra Healing. www.cyndidale.com.