What Are The Akashic Records And What Do They Reveal About You?

The Akashic records are a soul-level dimension of consciousness serving as a vibrational archive of every soul and its journey here on Earth. Each set of records has two main components: one permanent, the other evolving. The permanent part is the blueprint of the soul, the essential and eternal soul impression that is the divine ideal for that individual.

Corresponding to the soul blueprint is the evolving part, the catalog of lifetimes lived on Earth, through which a person becomes aware of his or her soul identity, awakens to his or her innermost self fully conscious of its divine lineage, and lives an aligned life expressing this truth. Countless incarnations are required to achieve this magnificent realization and manifestation of knowing the truth of our goodness in any and all circumstances, followed by recognizing the same truth for all others.

Innumerable dimensions of consciousness exist, including the dream state, the memory realm, and the soul domain, all of which are inherent in our being. Our records are a natural but unseen element of our constitution, much like other invisible aspects such as our personality.

Since we all have a soul, we are entitled to a more conscious connection with this inner realm. It is quite common for people beginning to engage in their records to report their surprise at how familiar they feel, as well as a sense that they have previously encountered this realm before, to which I reply, “Yes, of course—these are your records!”

This is a natural part of you, existing both within and beyond your known self. Most simply, you are cultivating a way of knowing your soul deliberately and directly, with all accompanying blessings. Remember, it is your right of birth, especially at this time in history, to be awake, aware, aligned, and active in expressing your innermost self.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance,” identifying the invisible ingredient making up the records. This Akasha is the presence of life itself before we impact it with our thoughts and feelings; it is the raw material of the life force, characterized by essential qualities of aliveness such as vitality, openness, expansion, and expression.

Three principles, or absolutes, govern this Akashic realm — Judge Not, Fear Not, and Resist Not — and they cooperate to ensure that the spirit of the records remains compassionate, respectful, and dignified. The atmosphere of the Akasha is remarkably accepting, embracing, and inclusive, providing a sanctuary for its many active human agents.

Recognizable as a space wherein perfectly imperfect humans experience being fully known and completely appreciated, the Akasha is the ideal realm for self-reflection. Its kind and respectful culture makes it easier to admit our frailties, inadequacies, and mistakes, knowing that condemnation and ridicule are not present in this domain.

All past, present, and future possibilities are contained within the records. The prospect of encountering everything we have ever experienced in all our prior incarnations, along with endless imaginable options for our future, as well as complex likelihoods for our current life, can overwhelm our mortal minds. What we need comes to us through the present moment. Although everything is held within the records, not everything is always available to us. There are many good reasons for this. As finite humans, we cannot implement everything. What is available to any individual is what supports them personally.

Another consideration of immense gravity is the mystery of life. There is great opportunity for human beings when they do not know everything. That is a condition ideal for developing faith and trust in life, and for having a human life experience so well-rounded that it includes surprise and the full-ranging spectrum of the unexpected.

The records are available to us finite beings so we can cultivate our awareness of infinite light in any and all conditions. They are not there to provide quick information for managing our affairs or for skillfully avoiding the essential lessons and growth experiences of life. What is always available is precisely whatever we need to take the next appropriate step on our personal journey.

Our next step—be it a new insight or action—is within our reach at any given moment.

Excerpted from Discover Your Soul Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe. Reprinted with the permission of Hay House. © 2015

Linda Howe is an award-winning author, leading expert in the field of Akashic studies and founder of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. Her  latest book is Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary. www.LindaHowe.com.