What Can One “Nobody“ Do? The Power Of One

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The power of one is the fact that we are each a vital cell in the body of humanity, and have the power — and responsibility — as an individual, to be a valuable contribution to the quantum field in which we exist — thereby improving everything for everybody.

The power of one tells us that what we perceive as reality “out there” is the direct result of what we as individuals project into the collective soup of our existence, and that the way to change what we don’t like out there is to change the quality of our contribution, period.

So what can one nobody do? More than you can imagine…

In this temporarily schizophrenic society, where too often the answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is “A celebrity,” it’s important to understand the power of the well-intentioned individual. The position we are at in this moment — on the brink of planetary awakening — calls for all those open to the possibility of change to manifest their desire for that into the world. We are each placed in the perfect position to play the role we were born to play, which has nothing to do with a job or position, and everything to do with carrying light and embodying love.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a significant impact on the world at large; you simply have to start acting in an impactful manner. While in the eyes of the world you may not be renowned, in the eyes of Source you are anything but an anonymous cipher, so don’t act that way and don’t treat others as such. Each one of us is an important aspect of All That Is, playing our role in this cosmic play.

Life, as energetic impulse, happens at the local level and spreads like ripples out into the greater reality. When you choose to be an intentional bearer of light and begin to shine your light on those around you, they too light upband the pay-it-forward effect is ignited. Once enough of these small sparks are burning, the effect can be as great as a raging wildfire. Now is the time to contribute to the critical mass needed to tip the scales.

The key is feeling: choosing to feel good, embodying the love you are, and transmitting that good feeling to everyone you encounter.

This is how it works: I shop at various stores around town and interact with cashiers, produce workers, managers. I go to the library, the post office, the bakery, the local newspaper. I use a printing service, an auto shop; I may encounter a janitor, waitress, executive. I frequent a yarn store, an optician’s, a card shop, a bank. Some of the people who work in these places or positions are known to me, some are friends, some become friends through our interactions, some not. It doesn’t matter how well I know them, or if I know them at all. Some of my most delightful exchanges happen when I talk to a stranger while waiting in line for a cashier.

In any instance, rather than an impersonal, detached or perfunctory attitude, I choose to be friendly for starters, and with every encounter up the ante: express appreciation; offer a compliment; make a sincere inquiry into wellbeing; initiate an exchange of meaningful conversation, encouragement, inspiration, support. I act like these people have value in my life because they do: they are the community of love I am building around me day by day with every encounter.

And I am also willing to listen, receptively, when the other has something they want heard. In fact, sometimes the greatest gift we can give another being is to simply be willing to take the time to listen to what someone wants to express.

This attitude and intention of choosing to be a transmitter of the love frequency is how each of us can affect the community around us and have an impact on our world. The quality and frequency of your energy alone is the greatest contribution you can make.

So please stop thinking you’re a nobody. You are somebody who has a great deal to offer if you begin to play the role you’re here to play: bringing the love you are to every encounter. And once you begin, you will see how powerful an impact you can have. Just do it.

Sahara is a vibrational catalyst dedicated to transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all. She is the author of Please—Wake the Flock Up. Sahara has been receiving frequency upgrades of a profound nature over the past couple years, including a blast from the Lion’s Gate Portal of 8.8.2019, after which she had no need of food for a period of six weeks, living mostly on light. www.siriusgalore.com.