What If Nothing Was Wrong?

Everything is happening for you, not to you.
What If Nothing Was Wrong


It’s very easy right now, expected even, to look out at the world and be afraid, disgusted, angry and overwhelmed. But what if nothing was wrong? Give me a minute here.

I’m not suggesting that we like what is happening, want it to continue, or give it a pass. What I am suggesting is that how we look at anything determines what we see and what is possible.

The lens we choose to view anything from can myopically condition us to look at just one tiny part, one moment in time, or just one angle of a situation based on our mood, our past or our desires. Or, we can open the aperture to take in a wider shot that includes a fuller picture; one that recognizes that in any given moment we cannot always know the importance, the necessity even, of living with what we would label as wrong.

For instance, what if beneath all of the breaking down that is occurring right now all around us there is a sacred chance, our chance, both individually and collectively, to decide what we want and what we need to do to get there? From that perspective, would you accept what is going on as a possible initiation, a wake-up call, a course correction, maybe something that could alter not only your life, but even the very life of the planet?

Being in the world as it is, while consciously and deliberately focusing on what you most want, will help you to live with more ease, purpose and happiness. While it may seem a radical leap, truly the sanest and most beneficial thing you can do when it all seems so wrong, is to step away from the negative perspective that labels what you experience as bad or someone else’s fault, and instead look for the sacred opportunity in what is happening.

When outer circumstances upset you, this is precisely the moment to ask yourself what possibility this situation creates for you. Could it be to help you learn, to grow, to contribute, to align, or to let go? If you can recognize that you cannot always possibly know why things are happening the way they are, you are now in position to decide that you will look for the great shaping and honing messages available to you, while coming to see that everything is happening for you, not to you.

When you embrace the possibility that nothing is wrong, you enter into a sacred contract with life, one where you are all in, with no excuses.

Susan McNamara is a woman who cares deeply about how we are living and how it is that we treat ourselves, each other, and the planet. She is the founder of The Healer Within: A Unique Online Health & Healing Community for Women and the author of the book, Trusting Your Body: The Embodied Journey of Claiming Sacred Responsibility for Your Health & Well-Being. Visit Rememberingwhatmattersmost.com.

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