Wherever You Go, Carry Happiness With You

Six Easy Tips To Improve Your Mood

Selected writings from Sri Chinmoy marking The International Day Of Happiness on March 20th.

SriEverybody wants to be fulfilled; everybody wants happiness. Without happiness we cannot stay on Earth. In spite of being a multimillionaire, a rich man is unhappy because his money is not giving him satisfaction or happiness. Without happiness he remains miserable. Why do we want to be happy? Because we want fulfilment.

We have two main instruments: the mind and the heart. The mind finds it difficult to be happy, precisely because the mind consciously enjoys the sense of separativity. It is always judging and doubting the reality in others. This is the human mind, the ordinary physical mind, the Earth-bound mind. But we also have the aspiring heart, the loving heart. This loving heart is free from insecurity, for it has already established its oneness with the rest of the world.

Everybody has a right
To choose
The sunny side of life.

The way of the heart has no U-turn. Once we start our journey, we only walk, march, run and sprint along eternity’s road. Here each step reminds us of what we eternally are: happiness, happiness and happiness. Happiness and peace are inseparable. They are the obverse and reverse of the same coin. Happiness is the beauty of our soul, and peace is the fragrance of our soul.

Happiness means
The simplicity
Of life.

Always try to cultivate happiness. If you have happiness, then your mind’s frustration, your mind’s own way of thinking, will surrender. Happiness is the strength of a lion, the power of an elephant. If you are happy with your life, nothing can stand against you. Your volcanic will-power will not allow anything to stand in your way.

 The children of happiness
Will create a new world.

Whatever you do, do it happily. Do not have any regrets: “Oh, I should have done this; I should have done that.” No, whatever you have done, feel that that is absolutely the right thing. That will give you joy. Once you do it, feel that you have done your best. Always convince your mind with happiness.

When the heart is happy,
 it embraces the whole world.

As individuals, no matter how many things we get or how many of our desires we fulfil, we will never have lasting happiness unless and until we see that others are also happy. We can never be satisfied with our own happiness, because true happiness has to be all-encompassing. If everyone does not have it, I cannot have it either. Even if God fulfils all my desires, still I cannot be happy, for I will look around and see that somebody else is unhappy. And how can I be happy when I see that my brothers and sisters are not?

Each individual has to try to make others happy, for it is only through happiness that we can have peace. If we can offer happiness to someone lovingly and sincerely, then that particular person will have only goodwill towards us. From happiness we get peace and from peace we get happiness; the two are inseparable.

How do I find happiness?
I find happiness
By loving the world more,
Ever more.

When we, as human beings, are inspired, we do many good things for ourselves and also for the betterment of the world. If we are not inspired, then we will have nothing to offer to the world; we may even try to harm ourselves or others. Inspiration can bring us so much happiness and, if we are happy, then we will also get peace. Inside happiness abides peace. If we are happy, then we will not quarrel and fight with others. We will not find fault with them. If you are happy, you will be kind to me and I will be kind to someone else, and from there it will spread. Happiness comes from inspiration. That is my simple philosophy.

Do you need happiness?
Then do just three things:
Meditate regularly.
Smile soulfully.
Love untiringly.


Writings excerpted from The Jewels of Happiness by Sri Chinmoy, available from Heart-Light Publications, www.heart-light.com, or Amazon.