Why Are Things The Way They Are?

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We keep waiting for the Republicans to get it right, the Democrats to get it right, the right religion to get it right, the right country to get it right, always the other side to get it right. What is wrong with this picture?

The answer is right under our noses, right under our skin, tucked so deeply inside us that we fail to recognize it when we hear its little voice, so subtle that we dismiss it. It is the discovery found by Einstein, Tesla, and the healing gurus worldwide who have tapped into that ocean of reality yet to be unveiled within all human beings; and yes, you and me.

There is an understanding of life within you, a greater awareness, a deeper calling that animates you, moving you to positive and loving thoughts, words and actions; far different from the base cause and effect motions of everyday life.

Think how often our lives are lived in response to all that we see, read, and hear. We respond to this, and we respond to that. How many times do we seek out opportunities to genuinely gift our world with new thoughts, thoughts of harmony, beauty, solution; creating a better today and tomorrow than we had yesterday?

Somehow we have let the weight of the minutia and magnitude of our own and the problems of the world stop us in our tracks and appear to defeat us, killing 250,000 of us, as if it is impossible to live in the reality that we can actually acknowledge and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic that is ending the lives of so many of us. We get side-tracked by global conflicts, global warming, climate change, education decline, and seeming barriers of personality, problems, problems and more problems.

We have allowed the wave of thought that we are all divided to the point where we could not possibly come together in consensus, or to realize that we are much more alike than the differences we profess.

What if we came to fully understand that we are all much more powerful than we first knew? If you are living and breathing, then I am talking to you.

It makes no difference your particular belief system, political, religious or otherwise that are unique to you. You are like no one else, and yet alike in myriad ways. You have understanding, spoken or unspoken, of who you think you are and what you are made of. I am here to tell you that you are much more than that, no matter if you are an ingenious inventor, financial wizard, a pauper, or the Pope.

We all have an internal knowledge held deep within the cells of our understanding, with its own pulse of life, so that it seems as if lightbulbs go off when we arrive at the destination of discovery.

The discovery of this knowledge, this awareness of the greater calling and meaning of life, can only be fulfilled when we discern this particular pulse and sense of light. It is a lightness we can feel, like falling in love, making us feel lighter than air, happier than happy, more connected as the most profound meditation, and much more fulfilling than words can say of the ecstasy of prayer of the saints.

Everyone has the ability to experience this knowledge that we are greater than our physical limitations, far beyond what any religion, politics or any “ism” outlines. This light within us is the electrifying, energetic, all-knowing, soul-invigorating aspect held at the core of our being. All it takes is for us to recognize it, accept it, and use it.

What is it?

This Presence within each and every one of us is the Presence that generates and fuels our life. Our existence is not dependent on any particular belief or ideology. If you are living and breathing, you have it. Some call this your soul, or your spirit, but it is more than that.

You are the Spark of Life, the Presence of God, the I AM Presence living, breathing, thinking and doing in your corner of the world. It is a matter of turning your attention to it. Some people take a class, spending a great deal of money in the process, of discovering who and what we are, and why we are here.

Some of us find our dharma, our mission in life right away, or seem to think we are born into it. Realize the freedom that no one makes your choices but you. Others of us take our time, turning over every rock so as not to miss a thing in this life. It is not a race. We know what we know when we know it.

The truth of the matter is you are perfect as you are. You come to this realization when you allow yourself to do so. Each of us has this I Am Presence flame within us. It is what Jesus tried so hard to teach us that the kingdom of God is within us, not outside of us. But humans being humans, and choosing to be dense over the eons of time and motivated by selfishness and greed, have turned the knowledge I am putting forth here into various control systems quite proficient at diabolical tactics of fear, obligation, guilt, manipulation and a host of negative carrots dangled before us to capture our attention and verbally and ideologically beat us into submission.

Free your mind. Allow yourself to be. Take a deep breath. God is closer to you than your next breath. Manifest your heart’s desires. Heal your world. Unite humanity into a beautiful mosaic of diverse, unique and talented individuals, no one better than the other despite what egos bellow.

You’ve got this.


Linda Hourihan is an author, blogger, ULC minister, NPMDT teacher and holistic health counselor. Read her blog Enlightenment Mastery.