3 Easy Steps To Support Net Neutrality

Want to keep the Internet equally accessible to everyone? The FCC has announced plans to do just the opposite and allow internet providers to block or throttle speeds of sites and apps, effectively allowing only the largest companies to dominate what you see. It would also allow providers to charge everyone for “fast lanes” of viewing or stick with free slow service.

Strong net neutrality rules were passed in 2015 classifying internet providers as “common carriers” under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, and subjecting them to careful oversight. Removal of this Title II oversight as proposed by the FCC will give internet providers the ability to control or influence which sites you have access to — namely those that can pay for access.

Twitter, Reddit, the ACLU and hundreds of other businesses and organizations are calling on the FCC to scrap their net neutrality repeal plans, but the FCC also needs to hear from millions of Americans like you! Tell them you want to protect net neutrality with these three easy steps:

1. On your computer (not your phone) — go to www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express

2. Under Proceeding, enter and select the number 17-108

3. In the comments, type “I support Title II oversight of internet service providers and net neutrality” or any other comments you’d like to make.