5 Incredibly Delicious Chain Restaurants You Should Never, Ever Eat At And 1 You Should But Can’t

©Eric March

Fast food. It's kind of a big deal here in the USA. And who could blame us? Fast food is, to use a scientific phrase, tasty as all get out.

But some chains, well. It's painful to admit, but they're bad for us.

Not because they're slowly clogging our arteries — we already knew that. Bad for us in the metaphorical heart, not the literal heart. Cosmically bad for us. Bad for us in that they pretend to be our friends, but in reality, they're talking behind our backs about how we have a weird-shaped face or whatever.

They're doing bad, shady things to the world is the point.

They are delicious. So so so so so so delicious. But you can't eat there. You just can't.

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