5 Ways to Be Green and Save Some Green at the Same Time

© smeagorl via 123rf.com

Most people are attracted to the concept of greener living and stewarding the environment. However, many novices fail to get started living more eco-friendly lives largely because of the presumed cost that is associated. While it is true that living more sustainably can cost more than living conventionally, it doesn’t always have to. In fact, there are many ways to be green while saving green at the same time.

Be energy efficient. Every time you heat or cool your home, drive your car or use an appliance, you are expelling dirty energy that was derived from non-renewable fossil fuel. And every time you expel energy, you spend more money. The over expulsion of this dirty energy contributes to air pollution, which adds to the imbalance in the eco-system. The only way to regain eco-balance is by polluting less and cleaning more. Being energy efficient is one of the best ways to deter pollution while saving money at the same time.

You can start being more energy efficient by upgrading all of your older appliances to energy star options and also by insulating you home to keep heat from escaping. Additionally, you can get a quote online to compare prices and to learn about the availability of renewable energy in your area. Also, driving less, installing a programmable thermostat, and using solar energy are great ways to use less energy.

Shop second hand. Everything that still has life in it can be valuable to someone, and because of this fact, the trend of buying and selling second-hand goods is growing in popularity. You can save money and green up the planet at the same time by purchasing second-hand clothing, furniture, toys, electronics, home décor and other such items. Additionally, you can make extra money by selling your second-hand items to places such as online at auction sites or at consignment shops, flea markets and yard sales.

Reuse and recycle. The actions of reusing and recycling are the two most recognized green acts in existence, yet many people aren’t doing it. Nearly 80 percent of the waste that is accumulated is recyclable, yet only 30 percent actually gets recycled. Recycling isn’t just good for theplanet, it is also good for your wallet, as many recycling centers offer cashback incentives for recycling. Additionally, you should make an effort to reuse almost everything as disposable goods create more waste. Switch to rechargeable batteries as well as reusable razors and reusable shopping bags.

Becoming a do-it-yourselfer isn’t just more eco-friendly than purchasing, it is also emotionally rewarding and inspires creativity. Instead of purchasing expensive organic fruits and veg, start a backyard garden and grow your own organic crops. Additionally, you can save big bucks by making your own natural health and beauty products.

Businesses, schools and homes throw away tons of paper every year that wastes money and adds to air and land pollution. Make an effort to use less paper. Opt for paperless statements and print less often. When you do print, use both sides of the paper and opt for a more eco-friendly font such as eco-font.

Do not let cost stop you from being green, the planet is depending on us all. Instead, look for ways to save money while being green. The world is becoming more environmentally conscious, and the cost of living more sustainably will continue to decrease as demand for cleaner living continues to grow.

Ashley Andrews is a San Diego-based freelance writer who blogs on a wide range of green living, business, health and technology topics.