Good News Headlines 11/15/16

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Historic Firsts And Achievements Of Election Day 2016

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Election Day in the United States finally came to a long-awaited close last night as Americans chose who would be the 45th president. Some of the other names on ballots across the country, however, will be recorded in the history books as “firsts” in their fields… Read More



We’re Finally Getting A Hijab Emoji

by Jenna Amatulli, The Huffington Post

Emojis are one of life’s small pleasures and, on November 10th, they got a whole lot more inclusive… Read More



Massachusetts Passes Question 3, Banning Small Cages For Farm Animals

by Spencer Buell, Boston Magazine

Question 3, the Massachusetts ballot question that would have banned the sale of foods derived from animals raised in cruel conditions, has passed handily, setting new rules on the size of cages in which farmers can raise chickens, cows, and pigs… Read More



More And More Smokers Are Kicking Tobacco Every Year

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable diseases in the U.S.A. – thankfully, more and more American smokers are quitting the harmful habit every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report stating that the amount of American adult smokers dropped by 27.7% since 2005 – that’s 8.5 million adults… Read More



Veterans Receiving Care At Community Health Centers Up 43 Percent In Less Than 10 Years

from GW Today

GW researchers found that nearly nine out of ten community health centers serve veterans, which suggests improved access for a vulnerable population… Read More



Voters In California, Massachusetts And Nevada Approve Recreational Use Of Marijuana

by Jen Christensen and Meera Senthilingam, CNN

On election day, voters in five states were asked to decide whether the recreational use of marijuana should be legalized and so far, three have said yes. Official results have yet to come in for Maine and Arizona… Read More


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